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Garden Dining Sets

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Garden Dining Sets

When the sun is shining and you find yourself celebrating a romantic dinner, a peaceful night in, or a family gathering with food and drinks, having a garden dining set available provides you with not only a comfortable and practical way of enjoying an al fresco meal, but can also elevate the welcoming appearance of your entire outside space with ease.

The main thing that you will notice about garden dining sets is the way that they use durable materials to craft items of furniture which can withstand outdoor weather conditions and still look stylish and pleasing to the eye. One of our favourite uses of garden dining sets takes into account the indoor styling of the home and finds ways of using outside furniture to elevate and create harmony between the inside and outside of the home; whether it be through the material used to create the basic frame of the table and chairs, or through the fabric or material used as part of the seat padding.

More often than not, we find that garden dining set chairs offer removable seat pads rather than permanently fixed ones, primarily to ensure that users can easily remove the cushions to keep them protected if the weather turns and leave the simple frame structures outside to withstand the conditions.

What is included in a garden dining set?

As with any dining set whether it be for your inside or outside space, the main thing you need to consider is how much space you ideally need – taking into account your general requirements, as well as any extra spaces you may need in case of guests or events. One of the best options for instances like this is a table which is able to be extended or expanded outwards, with a variety of different retailers and models offering tables which can be folded out to add more surface area, or slid sideways to reveal an extra surface level in the centre of the table.

The size of the table will also dictate the quantity of chairs you will need. As with any set, we recommend purchasing one or two more chairs than you think you need, as generally these items cannot be purchased as individual pieces and so it is better to have spares in case of an incident or damage.

The best materials for garden dining sets

The material you choose for your garden dining set will largely depend on personal preference and the style of your garden, with ornate metal framed tables and chairs working best in floral and traditional gardens, while large expanses of decking or patio space in a modern garden generally best compliment a very angular wooden table and chair structure.

One thing we recommend taking into account when you buy your garden dining set is the storage options available, with some sets designing the table and chairs so that it can be folded up and put away over winter. Others provide furniture covers to protect the surfaces when not in use.

Our final consideration is around the way that your table will be positioned and used, with many users asking us the best options to protect the table surface from sunlight. In this case, parasols and table umbrellas tend to be a great solution, with some dining sets coming equipped with a complimentary table umbrella while many retailers also offer these as one-off purchases and added extras.

For the best sets of garden dining tables and chairs, head to garden centres and outdoor furniture retailers.

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