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Garden Sofa Sets

When it comes to creating a welcoming and comfortable outdoor seating area, the type and style of seating you offer is largely dependent on the space you have available and the kind of surface that you are looking to add comfort to. For example, while a large grassy expanse lends itself well to a series of deck chairs and carefully styled beanbag sofas, decking and hard stone patio tends to be best served with full garden sofas. One of the most common questions we get asked by members regarding outdoor seating is how to find an option which is both easy to maintain and look after, but still looks classy – with a lot of buyers concerned that neutral colours are impractical in the face of adverse weather conditions. This is where outdoor garden sofa sets come in.

What makes garden sofas stand out?

To deal with poor and interchangeable weather conditions, we tend to find that garden sofa sets are all furnished with removable seating pads, fitted to wicker, wooden or even metal frames which alone can withstand the weather – even if their cushions can’t. Of course, that’s not to say that your upholstery might not get caught in the odd downpour, and that’s why most garden sofa sets use canvas material or a waterproof material in their fabric seats, in order to make them as practical and easy to wipe clean and wash as possible. The beauty of the construction of a garden sofa is that the main structural frame can be left outside all year round if needs be – adding the padded seats and extra cushions for comfort and aesthetic value only when you know the sofas will be regularly used. This not only protects the seats and ensures they last longer, but also really allows you to celebrate the dawn of summer and days and nights spent enjoying your outside space.

What do I need to look for in my garden sofa set?

The main thing you need to look out for is an aesthetic which matches the tone of your outdoor space, and a sofa set which captures the seating you need in sizes which work well within your allocated space. We tend to find that buyers get caught up in the idea of large outdoor seating areas and circles of sofas, only to find that once they get the furniture home and into their garden, the quantity of material and structure suddenly looks quite out of place and unbalanced. You can combat this by opting for super natural materials like uncoated hardwood and wicker, paired with neutral cushions and seat pads – or you can keep your sofa set small and allow it to fill just a small part of your garden space rather than taking over completely. Another thing to look out for is sets which offer matching side tables and additional accessories which can really compliment and create a seamlessly pleasing aesthetic space. We love accessorising and dressing up outdoor seating areas with fairy lights and bright vibrant cushions, though often modern homeowners will look for very neutral elements which create the welcoming vibe in a minimalistic way. And finally, make sure that the material of your sofa set really is weather proof and easy to wipe clean, and if in doubt invest in a few furniture covers which you can place atop your pieces when the weather turns or during out of season months. For the best array of garden sofa sets, head to garden centres, outdoor furniture providers and homeware retailers.

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