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Hallway Cabinets & Chests

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Hallway Cabinets & Chests

Many of us pass through the hallway of our home every day, with little regard for the furniture we put in it or the use we could make of the space if we really thought about it. The fact is, the hallway of your home is one of the most convenient and underused spaces, often boasting a really pleasant and neutral design which can be channelled into storage – as long as you put enough thought into the way it is presented and the furniture you choose.

Finding hallway cabinets and chests is no mean feat, with the first consideration being what exactly you will use it for, what kind of height and design you need, and what aesthetic appearance you want it to have.

Top uses for a hallway cabinet

A hallway cabinet could range from a lifesize cabinet designed to store coats, to a much smaller and wider set of cabinets which can hold shoes or other abstract possessions and objects. Providing much needed storage in the hallway is an extremely underrated advantage of the hallway cabinet, and yet still we see so many members and buyers glossing over cabinets in favour of small box chests and coat hooks.

In short, a hallway cabinet has the power to conceal your storage behind a front which is selected and chosen to blend in with your hallway. As the portal to the rest of the home, many of us herald our hallway as a great introduction to our decorative style – so why allow this to be impacted by the addition of different coats and piles of letters and papers on the side?

Some of the best hallway cabinets on the market take really sleek design ideas and innovate them to suit the market – featuring everything from sliding doors which allow the user to open them without imposing on the hallway space, to full length mirrors built into their design, to the added feature of cushioned doors which close quietly and slowly rather than quickly with a slam.

Top uses for a hallway chest

Quite apart from a chest of drawers, a hallway chest is in fact more like a large toy box than a set of drawers, opening upwards to reveal a large cavity of space inside which can be used to store anything from outdoor boots to papers, extra blankets and pet accessories.

The fact is, hallway chests are one of the most popular items on the market right now purely because of their versatile range of uses and the way that the most modern designs are channelling a combination of rustic grandeur and Parisian elegance. Some of our favourite products available on the mass market include those made from completely natural wood, and those which have been finished with a distressed painted wood effect – with many coming equipped to hold seating cushions on the top for their secondary use as a bench seat. After all, the hallway is where you stop to take off and put on shoes, so why not give yourself a comfortable place to sit as you do so?

In comparison to the hallway cabinets on sale, hallway chests are largely designed to stand out and become a part of the room’s décor, hiding their practical advantages behind stylish exteriors.

For the best selection of hallway cabinets and chests, whether you are looking for one or the other, or a complementary set which includes both, head to homeware stylists and retailers as well as furniture outlets. We also recommend checking out interior style magazines for inspiration on how to furnish your hallway based on the amount of space and natural light you have.

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