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When you picture a tropical beach with a cocktail in hand and the sun setting in front of you, what are you sitting on? The hammock is the classic lounge item associated with luxury holidays, with many stock images and hotel advertising posts featuring a hammock or two in the forefront of any great view or backdrop.

As such, finding the perfect hammock for your garden not only provides a unique and exciting seat for the space, but can also exude a sense of luxury and decadence that not many other items can bring to the table.

Top considerations when buying a hammock

While hammocks no doubt look great and are fun to make the most of once you are seated in them, getting in and out of a hammock is no mean feat – and if not hung correctly and at the right height, your hammock can quickly become more of a hazard and a relaxing viewpoint.

Hanging a hammock too high can make it difficult to get into, with a fine balance required to ensure you don’t go in on one side and fall straight out of the other side. This inevitably means purchasing a hammock which comes with a structure, or else searching the garden for two trees which are close enough together, with thick and sturdy branches which hang low enough to support the hammock at its optimum height. SPOILER ALERT: Buying a hammock with a frame is much easier!

Another consideration is the placement of your hammock – ideally somewhere where it can embrace a little privacy, and where someone can go to read their book or listen to music in peace.

And finally, think about what your hammock is made from, and where the material provides and achieves the desired finish that you are looking for with your product. Canvas is a super reliable and strong material which can be easily dressed up, while still celebrating a rustic charm and design which reminds you of a tropical beach. Other more modern designs tend to use hardwearing manmade materials which can provide more of an industrial finish. So before purchasing your hammock, look at what it’s made of and figure out how you can best use that style to fit your space.

The benefits of a hammock

  • Hammocks are much cheaper than hanging chairs and other pieces of garden furniture

  • Hammocks are easily stored out of season, as they wrap or fold away into a nice compact space

  • Hammocks can be dressed up or down according to their surroundings

  • Hammocks are fun and will inevitably take you back to your last beach holiday!

Finding the best hammock for the garden

Hammocks aren’t as readily available on the mass market as some other outdoor chairs, though there are plenty of options available if you know where to look. One particular example is outdoor adventure stores, who market hammocks as the perfect sleeping solution for those camping and sleeping outdoors. These hammocks tend to be very sturdy but are often a little more hardcore in appearance and may not be suitable to a design-conscious garden.

Another option is to look in a garden centre or online independent crafters, who are most likely to offer the most affordable designs – with or without the frame – which look great and do the job!

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