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Hanging Chairs

When asked what a hanging chair is, we tend to create an explanation which combines the value of a hammock and a super comfy armchair in one – with hanging chairs primarily using the motion of a hammock alongside the comfort of an armchair. In short, what hanging chairs do is add a focal feature to the garden or outdoor space which creates a really welcoming vibe, using only a strong tree branch or independently fixed stand and hook.

How do hanging chairs work?

The construction of a hanging chair is simple – the structure of the chair itself is hung from a single hook point at the very top of the surround backrest, in what many regard as a bit of an egg shaped dome. This hook and chain is then hung from a sturdy latch point – namely a tree branch or an independent stand with a curved edge and hook at the top, which can be either decorated as part of the overall appearance, or else disguised with tall climbing plants and flowers. By hanging the chair from a single point, the seat is given the freedom of movement to spin on its axis or sway very gently in the breeze, creating a really relaxing and pleasant experience which is ideal for a single user or for a romantic moment with your loved one. While the original hanging chairs were designed as single structures, retailers have taken on board the demand for larger items and now offer ranges which can encompass two users at once.

The aesthetic value of a hanging chair

One of the best things about any hanging chair is that its super comfortable and relaxing vibe is encapsulated in a very stylish design; one which makes any outdoor space look instantly more welcoming and often more modern. The vast array of material finishes available means that there truly is a hanging chair for every kind of buyer, whether it be a rattan or wicker basket and frame, a metal structure or more of a fabric woven kind of finish with dangling tassels. Of course, the frame is only part of the final aesthetic – with most buyers putting the majority of their thought and design flair into the padded seating and additional cushions which lift the hanging chair and turn it from a flat base into something with plenty of life and vibrance. We often get asked by member and homeowners which kind of padded cushion and seating they should choose for their hanging chair – with our answer tending to lean towards neutral base cushions which can be lifted further by decorative throw and small pillows as necessary.

Things to consider when buying a hanging chair

The main thing to consider when it comes to buying a hanging chair is the space that it takes up – not just in the structure itself but also in the hooked stand, and taking into account the movement of the chair once it is hung. Ideally, you want to give your hanging chair enough space that it does not feel cramped or cluttered during use, for example placing it in a far corner of the garden or at the opposite end of your decking or patio to your other seating options. The other thing to consider is how to protect the hanging chair from strong winds and adverse weather conditions, with many buyers choosing to only put their hanging chair out during the summer seasons. The best hanging chairs can be found across department stores and homeware retailers who focus on design and style as well as functionality.

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