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King Size Mattresses

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Mattress buying guide

King Size Mattresses

There are a whole plethora of reasons to get a bigger bed than you might actually need, not least because it creates more of a grand aesthetic in your bedroom, but also because it provides extra space for you to spread out, reduces the risk of you or your partner disturbing the other as you sleep, and creates a super comfortable and supportive base on which you can sleep.

Of course, there are buyers who will be worried about space – and if you don’t think a king size mattress will fit in your bedroom then the next level down is perfectly adequate for two sleepers to comfortably sleep next to each other without issue. However, the king size mattress invites a certain grandeur in its wake which gets many of our members really excited about bedtime. Here’s why.

Top reasons to buy a king size mattress

For one thing, a king size mattress atop a king size bed makes a statement and allows you to really create your bedroom around that large central feature of the bed. Whether you choose to keep your bed and mattress neutral and minimal and dress the room around it, or else keep the room itself super plain and simple but go all out on designing your perfect premium bed, a king size bed is a feature which fills a space and immediately creates a sense of luxury. And that’s before you’ve even got into it.

One of the main benefits of king size mattresses, particularly in the eyes of bed experts and physiotherapists, is the space it gives you to move around during the night and really do what your body needs you to do for optimum comfort. Far too often we see members and homeowners putting up with limited space beds and mattresses which sag and pull them into the middle, particularly if the sleepers are different weights and end up drawn closer together – thus disturbing the quality of sleep. A king size mattress means you both have more space to stay apart during the night and optimise your own space – also ensuring less disturbance as one or other of you moves about during the night.

Things to consider before purchasing a king size bed or mattress

While we always recommend opting for the biggest bed your bedroom can manage, a certain amount of care needs to be taken to ensure that you don’t fill out so much room with the mattress that you don’t have space to move around the room comfortably.

Another consideration you should make is around the mattress and the way it compliments the frame you choose, with a plethora of different options available depending on the style of mattress you choose and the kind of firmness that you require for the best possible night’s sleep. For example, a foam king size mattress may be cheaper and easier to bring home, but if you decide to place it atop a slatted bed base you will soon find the foam sagging in parts as it alters its shape according to the spacing and shape of the slats.

And finally, if you choose a king size mattress then make sure that all your bedding matches the sizing – with a king size sheet designed to fit tightly around your mattress and protect the upholstery.

The best king size mattresses for all bed types can be found across bed retailers and bed specialists, as well as department stores and mass market furniture retailers.

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