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Leaner Mirrors

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Leaner Mirrors

A leaner mirror is essentially a floor mirror under a different name, taking away the benefit of floor mirror frames and cheval mirror structures, and instead simply leaning the mirror up against the wall as a feature which has both a functional use and acts as its own style of décor. Leaner mirrors tend to be king size both in their size and the level of grandeur built into their appearance – whether it be an innovative shape or an ornate frame. They are designed to create an elegant statement which quite literally brightens up a room in the most natural way possible, by reflecting any natural or artificial light and bouncing it back into the room to increase the feeling of any airy and light atmosphere.

The advantages of leaner mirrors

The best thing about leaner mirrors is that they are elegant, grand and add a really unique focal feature to your home whether it be in the hallway, in your bedroom, or in your living space. Especially popular in smaller hallways where homeowners want to create more light and the illusion of more space, leaner mirrors come in a variety of different styles and designs so that you can always find one to match your decorative style – no matter what it may be. We often find modern homeowners opting for plain bordered rectangular mirrors, and while these are simplistic and stylish in their appearance, it is worth modern homeowners in particular exploring the options around different styles and shapes – especially those with curved edges which can add a little more depth and texture to the appearance of the room. Traditional and rustic homes meanwhile often benefit from the more intricate detail of a strong hand carved border, whether it be in a natural wood, a white distressed finish or even a more polished varnish. An industrial homes will be particularly drawn to those mirrors which offer a metallic finish – incorporating a mirror which boasts a metal frame and very simple appearance.

The things to consider if you’re looking for a leaner mirror

We often get asked by members if a leaner mirror is the right solution for their home when looking for something which will add decorative elegance but also serve the useful purpose of allowing them to check their appearance before they go out. One thing buyers need to consider with any leaner mirror is the very concept behind its design – the fact that it is built to lean against a wall, thus instantly distorting the way the mirror is angled and changing the way your body will be reflected. Think of it like taking a photo from a low angle rather than straight on – changing the way an outfit looks and sometimes even causing body dysmorphia if you start to believe that the image being reflected is a true representation of how you look. While some buyers believe they can counteract this by simply straightening up the mirror and allowing it to stand taller, it is worth noting that the straighter the mirror stands, the less balanced and stable it will be – relying on the thin frame for its balance rather than leaning most of its weight on the wall behind. Our favourite leaner mirrors can often be found in department stores, where buyers can shop according to the room they are shopping for or by their chosen design style. Leaner mirrors tend to be large in size so be aware of the space you have available and try to keep the mirror set apart from other items of furniture to avoid the appearance of any overly cluttered space.

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