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Luxury Rugs

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Rug buying guide

Luxury Rugs

What makes a rug luxury is first and foremost a very personal choice. Whether you value labels and designer names, a decadent and soft finish, or luxuriously regal colours and patterns, a luxury rug is something that we recommend our members plan for in terms of what they are looking for, in line with both their budget and their desired look.

What makes a rug “luxury”?

For many of our members, luxury is something with a designer finish, which gives the room a lift towards class and elegance. While fluffy rugs provide a luxurious feeling underfoot, often those with a shaggy material finish do not necessarily look particularly luxury, and so we find that many buyers who are concerned with aesthetics will opt for a thinner rug that offers more of a design flair. Of course, when it comes to that luxurious design, yet again we face a personal preference. From neutral finishes to bold colours, delicate patterns and detailed illustrations, the idea of luxury is one born from lifestyle and experience – and so retailers tend to keep up by offering a huge variety of luxury rugs which cover some of the most popular designs.

Finding the most affordable luxury rugs

With a vast increase in the number of buyers seeking items with a luxury finish, many retailers have expanded their offering to include a middle-ground – replicating the style and appearance of a designer rug, but made more cheaply or with more basic materials. These rugs are infinitely more affordable then their luxury or design counterparts but provide the same aesthetically pleasing look. Alternatively, old and intricately designed rugs with some historical significance or value are also regarded as luxury, particularly in older or more stately homes. Manor houses and mansions all over the world boast vast collections of what we refer to as luxury rugs, giving value to those which are second hand and may have been born into regal families. Buying second hand is often much cheaper than buying brand new, although we do recommend that our members shop around before spending lots of money on a second hand and potential threadbare rug. Another way to find affordable luxury rugs is to shop out of season, and always keep an eye on the clearance or discounted stock. Much like clothing, the fashion and trends across homeware accessories are entirely subjective, and though new trends are always appearing on the market, buyers are far less likely to continually purchase a new rug every time an updated style is launched. As such, buying “out of season” or “last season” luxury rugs is a good way to make the most of a discounted item while still picking up a luxury item. For longevity, invest in a piece which is fairly neutral or basic in design, and will therefore remain relevant for longer.

Where to buy

In deciding where to purchase your luxury rug, the main consideration is what makes your rug luxurious – and thus what you want to be looking for. Of course, for those opting for a luxurious designer or label, designer stores are your go-to. For those more focussed on the overall finish being something simple in design and luxurious in feel, high street retailers are likely to provide a decent cross section of prices and a wide selection of offers. Department stores are some of the most popular for varied collections which suit different styles of home, while furniture and DIY stores tend to offer the most basic choices to suit different interior furniture styles.

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