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Mats & Door Mats

From providing a welcoming message to protecting your doorstep from muddy footprints, door mats are often found on both the outer and inner doorstep of most homes, to trap any remaining dirt and keep the floor protected from constant wear and tear. Some of our favourite door mats come complete with fun and quirky phrases, for example welcoming guests, urging guests to remove their shoes upon entry, and even warning guests about the arrival of eager pets.

The top uses of door mats

When it comes to finding a door mat, the first use is entirely practical – providing residents and guests with someone to wipe their feet and leave their shoes. Outdoor door mats are typically made from hardwire brush material which easily captures and brushes any dirt out of the creases in the soles of your shoes. Inside door mats however tend to be a little softer, used to protect the floor right inside the home from dirt or rain which could drip off the user as they step through the door. We often find in exploring the various ranges available that these inside mats are designed with more of a stylish hand, as home owners are often looking for something inoffensive and charming which can blend into the interior of their home. In contrast, the outer doormat range is where you will find humour and quirky one-liners.

Top considerations when purchasing a door mat

While appearance is undoubtably important to many buyer, including many of our members, the most important thing to consider is the safety of those using your doormat – and that means making sure that is doesn’t become a slip or trip hazard. When the weather becomes wet and icy in the winter, doormats are one area which can be particularly treacherous if they aren’t properly gripped to the surface. We recommend buying a grip underlayer at the same time as your doormat and using it throughout the year, to ensure that your mat is always slip-free and safe. Likewise, with an indoor doormat, a tiled or hardwood surface is an easy hazard when it comes to slippery mats, and so the use of a gripped underlay is crucial to health and safety. In terms of becoming a trip hazard, it’s important here to make sure that your doormat covers the optimum amount of space without curved corners sticking up and catching the foot.

Top places to buy a mat or doormat

The best mats can be found in department stores and homeware retailers as well as garden centres and outdoor stores, with the doormat collection typically overlapping between indoor and outdoor accessories. If you are looking for an outdoor doormat with a fairly standard design, made purely for practical purposes, outdoor and garden stores are the best and most affordable solution. If you want your outdoor door mat to have more of a whimsical or witty design or finish, independent retailers tend to personalise and tailor classic home items in line with little design quirks – for an extra cost. Internal doormats meanwhile are most easily found in homeware stores and department retailers, with prices varying dependent on the finish, the size, and the lifespan of the doormat.

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