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Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to bedtime, the choice between comfort and style is no longer relevant – thanks to the evolution of memory foam mattresses. Designed to mould themselves around your body shape and create a snug cocoon which supports your entire body weight, memory foam mattresses are no longer a pipe dream but rather a reality – with retailers offering everything from the most high end expensive mattresses, to the far more affordable option of mattress toppers.

What is a memory foam mattress?

In essence, memory foam is a type of foam designed to respond to the presence of weight and heat; not only adapting to your body shape during use, but also springing back to its original shape after – hence the name ‘memory’ foam. As such, the initial feeling can start out quite cold and hard when you get into a memory mattress bed, with the mattress becoming softer and more compliant as it reacts to your body heat. Memory foam mattresses were initially developed as a response to aches and pains, with the reactive surface proving particularly effective in relieving pressure on painful joints.

A memory foam mattress vs. a regular mattress

Some of our members swear by memory foam, while others wish they had never even tried it – that’s simply the way it works. With the surface layer trapping the air around you and creating a cosy cocoon, many reviewers find that a memory foam mattress is actually warmer to sleep on than a regular mattress – a great feature in Winter, though more of a challenge in the summer. One suggestion we have for our members, particularly those considering trying a memory foam mattress for the first time, is to take a small step towards memory foam before diving right in with a full mattress. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to invest in a memory foam mattress topper as a stepping stone; assessing how the surface works for you and if it is a solution that you find comfortable enough to live with permanently – and pay for upfront. Memory foam mattresses aren’t cheap, but if you’re sure then we do advise buying a high quality mattress to ensure the longest possible lifespan. In terms of purchasing a memory foam mattress, the most obvious retail option is bed stores and department store retailers – many of whom will offer a quality range with varying price points that suit all their customers. Specialist bed retailers in particular are likely to offer expertise hand-in-hand with their products, offering the complete service and support which we know our members love.

The benefits of a memory foam mattress

The power of the memory foam mattress is wide and strong, with benefits including but not limited to:

  • A better quality of sleep, as the memory foam absorbs movement from a partner and ensures less disturbance for you.

  • Hygienic, thanks to the thick surface of memory foam, it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

  • Supports the neck and spine, not only alleviating aches and pains but also reducing the effect of snoring, by opening up your airways.

  • Provides cushioning for sore points.

  • Supports your back and provides a good sleeping posture which benefits you for the entire day ahead.

  • It is comfortable and it looks great.

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