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Night Lights

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Night Lights

Nightlights are a natural response to the fact that when the pitter-patter of little feet joins your household, there will be times when someone is awake at night. Often when adults would prefer they weren’t. They are useful from the first day you bring your bundle of joy home until years later when they outgrow the natural stage of being just a bit afraid of the dark.

Night lights are a softer, dimmer alternative to a ceiling light or traditional lamp for when a child or a baby wakes up needing a drink, a nappy change, a cuddle or to go for a midnight toilet trip. You might get one that covers all these needs for you and stays with your child throughout their childhood or you might change lights as every age and stage goes by, changing to meet their changing needs.

A good kids night light will not dazzle you. Good night lights give a soft glow, just enough to change a nappy or manage a night feed but not enough to encourage a sleepy baby or toddler to wake all the way up if you can avoid it. Certainly, you want the light to be gentle enough that it won’t keep them from dropping off.

The best night lights are a comforting part of a child’s bedroom or nursery or even your room for those families who prefer to keep their smallest ones close. The wide variety of night lights means that whatever your situation, you can find a light to suit and you can pursue your sleeping arrangements in style.

Many night lights are portable. These lights are either run off re-usable integrated batteries that can be recharged or standard batteries. Since your night light should not have hefty power requirements, either option is normally practical. Portable night lights can sit anywhere in the room and you can easily take them to a different room in the house. Some models come with a helpful timer that will automatically turn the light off to preserve the batteries and promote the deepest sleep.

Soft animal night lights often come into the portable category. These lights are usually set inside a cuddly toy with a perforated plastic panel or transparent plate to allow the glow to be visible. For a slightly older child who can have soft items in their bed with them, these are a comforting and convenient option. Most of these night lights are battery operated but they are no trouble to replace when needed.

Projector night lights are a fun option for a child of any age if you have a plain ceiling or wall. Some projector night lights show a starry night sky or the planets of the solar system, others give a light show of gentle colours that ebb and flow in and out to distract and amuse your baby without being over-stimulating.

Plug-in night lights are a perennial favourite for good reason. They are compact, they have low energy uses and they come in every form under the sun. From tiny smiling elephants, to small glowing moons and favourite characters from books or films there are a wealth of options. Some options come with light sensors which allow the light to turn itself on and off at need or motion sensors to flick on when the child turns over in bed to look for a glass of water. Many come with timers, which is great for your electricity bill.

Pretty white clouds, glowing colourful eggs and sweet illuminated koala bears might not guarantee you a full night’s sleep, but they can make life a lot easier until then.

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