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Novelty Mirrors

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Novelty Mirrors

Novelty items of furniture and home accessories often get relegated to children’s rooms, with homeowners viewing standout items as overly vibrant and showy when compared with the grace and elegance they are trying to emanate across the main living space of their home.

However, mirrors are designed to stand out – creating the illusion of a bigger space and more light and whether they are small or large, should be chosen to draw the eye rather than hide behind other items of furniture. Thus, when it comes to novelty mirrors, perhaps there is a space in the main home for a little vibrant design.

Novelty shapes

Novelty shaped mirrors range from mirrors which are actually cut into different shapes, to those which are regular in terms of the mirrored surface but made to resemble novelty figures when placed inside the border or frame.

One of the best examples, and one which many homeowners use in living space as well as children’s rooms to add visual interest and to attract the eye, is long mirrors cut with swirled edges down both sides. These mirrors are often thin with buyers tending to sit two or three identical mirrors next to each other, with the swirls slotting together but leaving a small gap of blank wall space between them. In a child’s room these are simply a fun decorative feature while also giving your children a full length mirror, whereas in a living space they can actually have the power to completely transform the appearance of a room and give it the additional light of a regular mirror, but in an eye catching and unique way which is stylish and interesting.

Other examples of this style of novelty mirror for the living space include circular mirrors in different colours made to resemble bubbles – perfect for the bathroom – square mirrors which sit together to create a window pane with gaps between each one, and even odd shapes such as various jungle creatures which are only identified as such on close inspection – adding a little fun to your mirrored surfaces.

Prints and additional features

These are the novelty mirrors which rely on additional features to really drive home their design or style – using different materials on the surface of the mirror to add whiskers and eyes to a cat shaped mirror, or adding different colours to a unicorn mirrors mane to create more of a decorative finish. These are the novelty mirrors which you are most likely to find in a child’s room, though there is a place for some decorated and printed mirrors across the rest of the home, for example kitchen clocks which are created on mirrored surfaces, and quotes which are printed on mirrored surfaces and hung in living spaces to maximise the light and share a welcoming quote.

And then there are ...

These are the mirrors which are so out there that they are barely mirrors at all. For example, mirrors which completely distort your reflection and provide entertainment but little use in the way of an accurate reflection. These kinds of mirrors are popular with children but can also be beneficial in the home, particularly in the bathroom if you want to add a reflective surface on the inside of a window to protect the privacy of the user.
The final kind of novelty mirror is the mirror ball – popular with children, adults, and everyone in between!

All of these novelty mirror styles can be found in homeware accessory stores and gift shops, with our recommendation bring to explore both the children’s and adult ranges to find what you are looking for.

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