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Occasional Chairs

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Occasional Chairs

The beauty of an occasional chair is that it not only serves a purpose as an additional chair in the room of your choice, but it also provides a design statement which can either tie in with or stand out from your existing décor. From velvet covered chairs to leather chairs; standard designs and more unique shapes and structures, the best occasional chairs on the market come in a huge range of colours and patterned finishes and can be utilised in most rooms of the house.

Where to install your occasional chair

First things first, one of the best things about occasional chairs is that they are individual and are designed to be a distinct add-on – meaning they don’t necessarily fit with your other furniture, and so can be moved at will. This means that while you may initially purchase your occasional chair to sit in the living room, over time this can be moved and changed to match other rooms and provide seating across other living spaces. Some of the best occasional chairs currently on the market are used by buyers to exude comfort and a sense of luxury – most often found in bedrooms, hallways, and even large bathrooms. A lot of our members ask us what accessories to purchase alongside an occasional chair, and in this instance, we often say it depends entirely on the surroundings. If you are using an occasional chair to dress up a rather plain corner or add texture to an empty space, then adding a floor lamp or small rug can turn your chair from a standalone feature into a cosy seating area. If you are using it along a hallway to create a welcoming vibe on a landing or in your entrance way, the chair alone may be enough to fill the space – and if not, consider putting it next to a side table or small set of drawers which provides useful storage and a handy extra surface.

The best designs of occasional chair on the market

Occasional chairs tend to have innovative and unique structures and designs, with some of our favourites including those with a scallop-edged backrest, plump seating cushions, and high-backed armchairs. If you are using your occasional chair to add character to a large room or empty space, make sure you also consider the legs of the chair as well as the main body – as these will be on show, and can quickly turn a boring chair into something more interesting and more of a feature. And then we come to the colour and patterning. Velvet finish is a popular style of occasional chair which is available across a variety of homeware and furniture retailers in different colours. You will tend to find that most of these come in relatively bold colours, and so provide a great way to pull together an overall design theme – whether it be colour based or patterned. If you want to use your occasional chair to really stand out, patterned cushions are a good way to dress it up without creating a permanently vibrant finish.

What to look for when buying your occasional chair

Whether you opt for a specialist furniture retailer or decide to buy from a high street homeware retailer, you will need to ensure that the occasional chair is the right size and fit for your home, and that it is well made to provide a solid and reliable chair. After all, occasional chairs may be purchased as a statement of design, but they also serve a practical purpose – and so need to be safe to sit on, and comfortable for users.

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