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Outdoor Cushions

There’s only one thing which makes an outdoor sunbathing session better – and that’s a comfortable outdoor cushion to lean on. From full body cushions to smaller cushions which support your head, neck and back, opting for outdoor cushions can often be regarded as a fun and more affordable way to dress your garden – in comparison to the pricier options of garden furniture and loungers. Arguably the most popular products in the outdoor cushions range are padded body rests for loungers and deck chairs – now available across most outdoor retailers as standalone products as well as an add-ons to the chairs themselves. For those members looking for an affordable solution to outdoor sunbathing and lounging, consider purchasing the padding for a lounger without the wooden structure – providing a comfortable base to lie or sit on in the garden.

Stylish outdoor cushions

As well as their unarguably practical use, outdoor cushions can be used to pull together a design theme across the garden, patio space, and between the inside and outside of a home. Whether you choose block colours to create a vibrant statement, or opt for neutral colours which ensure a clean and modern finish, the outdoor cushions you choose to dress your furniture or garden space with can instantly life the look of a space and provide an updated and fresh design finish. We know our members love experimenting with their outdoor spaces, and so the rise of bold patterns and modernist images are sure to attract many buyers – with a vast range of retailers and designers offering cushions which range from affordable to more high-end and quality price tags.

Considerations when purchasing an outdoor cushion

If you are looking to purchase an outdoor cushion to sit atop an existing piece of furniture or lounger, make sure you are aware of the dimensions and size restraints before purchasing. Many of our members find that the size of a lounger or chair among varying retailers can differ wildly, and so buying blindly does not always result in a harmonious pairing. For the best possible outcome, consider purchasing the cushion from the same retailer as who supplied the chair itself. Another thing to consider is the actual style of cushion you are looking for – and how it works with your lounging and seating preferences. For those who like to perch on the edge of a chair, a simple seating cushion may be enough – while other users will prefer a cushion which comes with its own pillow and neck support.

Finding the best outdoor cushions on the market

From high street retailers to DIY and homeware stores, outdoor cushions are a broad category which encompass many different styles and designs. While the stuffing inside the cushion may vary across different prices, the difference between an affordable design and a more high end and expensive one will be minimal, so we advise our members to shop around and research various cost comparisons prior to purchase. And if you can’t find the perfect cushion to match your desired style, why not make your own? Authentic patchwork cushions and crocheted cushion covers are becoming increasingly popular, creating a focal point which displays your creativity as well as your design flair. If you’re anything like us, you will know that the more cushions you have available, the better – perfect to bring out anytime guests drop round, the family stay over, or simply to give your garden a welcoming and cosy feel on an average evening.

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