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Outdoor Hanging Lights

One of the most common questions our members ask us when it comes to decorating and furnishing their outdoor space, particularly one in a modern home setting, is how to create a fluid and relaxing atmosphere which moves away from the rigid and angular lines of inside but without creating a clashing contrast. Finding ways to unite the inside and outside of your home in some kind of harmony requires a complex combination of decoration and ensuring that the various fittings and features compliment the interior of the home without simply replicating it – and one of the best ways to do this is with the style of lighting that you pick.

While an industrial style of home might rely on naked bulb wall lights outside to continue the theme in a warmer setting, a modern home in particular can benefit hugely from the concept of hanging lights – creating a series of layers within the lights which add to the texture of the space and upgrade it from flat and monotone to something a little more visually interesting, and drawing the eye upwards.

Why we love outdoor hanging lights

In essence, the first and most notable thing about any kind of outdoor hanging light is that as soon as it grows dark, they appear almost to defy gravity – hanging in the air and creating magical beams of light which, from afar, seem to be suspended on air. If your outdoor hanging lights are hanging far above your head, these lights are particularly romantic as they make it appear as if every night is a starry night – while lower outdoor hanging lights closer to eye level are as functional as they are decorative.

In fact, we tend to find most homeowners opting for hanging lights at a range of heights in order to make the best use of their versatility; creating aesthetic value which is decorative from afar but functional when up close.

The best examples of outdoor hanging lights

One of the most popular examples is string lights, which often respond to solar power and can be hung between trees or structural supports to create chains of light over the top of a seating or relaxing area.

Another example is hanging lights outside of a front door or along the outside of a house, taking the concept of security and post lights, and creating a more romantic and aesthetically pleasing solution which is as functional as it is attractive. We tend to find that these particular options hang in lantern style holders, requiring only a hook to be suspended next to your front door.

Then there are those hanging lights which are really designed to make a statement, and which tend to be hung in and around an entertaining area via large chains suspended from trees. While the chains are mainly for safety and security, the lights themselves tend to be much larger and enclosed in lanterns or decorative cages, emanating light in all directions to create a really unique atmosphere which is perfect for when you have guests over. Again, hanging a series of these larger hanging lights at different levels can create added interest in the outdoor space and ensure that the light adds shadows and highlights to the garden rather than simply filling it with a block of consistent light.

The best hanging lights for your outdoor space can be found across homeware and garden centre stores, with our recommendation being to look for lights which use solar energy rather than requiring electrical power.

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