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Outdoor Rugs

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Rug buying guide

Outdoor Rugs

While rugs in the house are used to create warmth and splendour, when it comes to dressing an outdoor space the use of a rug can open up a whole new range of possibilities – from styling to more practical uses. While indoor rugs are often chosen for the way they lighten and brighten a room, or else make it feel more comfortable or natural, an outdoor rug need only state its place among nature – with no limitations based on the size of a room or the colour of the walls. With the garden as its backdrop, an outdoor rug can be whatever you want it to be.

What makes a rug suitable for outdoors?

First and foremost, our members tend to ensure that their outdoor rug search encompasses those which embrace loud patterns and different colour – not just because they look great, but also because they hide dirt and stains more easily. Whether or not you have children or pets, the likelihood is that an outdoor rug will be subject to some mess, so ensuring you have a pattern dense enough to hide the dirt will save you hours of cleaning. Outdoor rugs tend to sit well in the centre of outdoor seating areas, drawing the eye in and creating a focal point for summer parties and gatherings.

Benefits of an outdoor rug

But looking great isn’t the only benefit to adding an outdoor rug to your garden décor. Other benefits include:

  • Providing a buffer between you and the grass, so that you can sit on your grass and enjoy your garden without your legs becoming itchy from allergies or grass stems.

  • Providing a safe place for children to play, with a slightly padded surface to catch any tumbles or falls.

  • Providing a comfortable place to eat outside, as an alternative to a picnic blanket. The slightly firmer structure of an outdoor rug is also preferable to a blanket because it will ensure your drinks and plates have more chance of sitting upright when left unattended.

  • They are durable and can withstand wind and rain as well as sun. Particularly in the summer, outdoor rugs are designed to be unaffected by weather and so won’t fade as quickly in direct sunlight as an indoor rug would.

  • By spending outdoor time on a rug, you and your family are less likely to end up trampling mud through the house when you head inside.

Finding the perfect outdoor rug

With so many benefits beyond looking great, outdoor rugs are an item worth investigating whether you own a large garden, smaller patio area, or even just a balcony; adding an additional layer of comfort and décor to your outdoor space. Finding the perfect rug for your home and outdoor space should start with your desired size and design spec, taking into account how you want to use it and whether you primarily want it to look great or if you need it to be reliable and sturdy as well. For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and practical purchase, homeware and department retailers offer a decent selection, while specific rug stores boast varying designs for an often fairly high ticket price. And if you’re on a budget, consider buying second hand – or even turning one of your old indoor rugs into an outdoor rug for the summer!

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