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Oval Mirrors

One of the common misconceptions associated with mirrors is that they imply vanity and a focus on appearance – with the more mirrors on display in your home, the more obsessed the homeowner must be with how they look. However, when it comes to home decorating and creating a finished space which really makes the most of the light and space it has available, mirrors are one of the simplest and cheapest ways of really optimising a space and creating the look of somewhere which is classy and elegant, as well as light and spacious.

The fact is, oval mirrors are particularly versatile – working well in all different styles of home whether they be traditional, rustic, contemporary or completely modern. And it all comes down to the size of the oval, its dimensions, and how you choose to accessorise around it.

Oval mirrors for traditional homes

A traditional home calls for traditional accessories, and when it comes to an oval mirror, that means keeping the oval well balanced in terms of its shape, and tilted the right way round to provide you with a clear head and shoulder view of yourself. If we study a traditional home, you will see that mirrors generally were only placed where they might need to be used, with little regard for how larger mirrors can optimise light. As well as the straight edged shape, oval mirrors in traditional homes will likely be bordered with a solid wood frame, with the colour of the wood depending on your desired finish.

Oval mirrors for a modern home

A modern or contemporary home often calls for a similar style of design and décor, with the overall finish being dictated more by how you colour the home rather than the pieces you put in it. One of the most notable things about more modern oval mirrors is that they play with and distort the finished shape, and often sit against the wall with no frame or border – instead relying on the simple structure of the mirrored surface itself for a really seamless and clean finish.

The shape of the oval could be distorted to lean more towards one side or another, and it could be tilted to provide more of a horizontal design than a vertical one. One of the most popular designs we have seen actually uses a series of oval mirrors and places them in a cluster, with each facing a different direction in the creation of a focal design feature which optimises the light in the room and also creates interest and added depth to the overall look of the room.

Rustic oval mirrors

Rustic pieces of furniture or décor in a home rely on natural materials and imperfect designs – and this lends itself particularly well to the balanced structure of an oval mirror in a juxtaposing way. The clean cut mirrored surface works starkly against a rustic piece of wood to create a really aesthetically pleasing decorative accessory, particularly when the wood is kept natural and unvarnished.

These kinds of mirrors tend to be really versatile and can be used throughout the home, both mounted on the wall or stood atop a surface or even the floor – depending on the size of the mirror.

When it comes to finding your perfect oval mirror, the first thing to do is decide how the shape and structure will reflect your overall home style – whether you need a framed mirror or something plain and simple, and whether the frame should be perfect or more rustic. Find a wide selection of versatile oval mirrors in homeware accessory and design stores, as well as department stores.

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