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Pencil Pleat Curtains

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Pencil Pleat Curtains

With so many window coverings available on the market today, curtains are not for every home – with many modern dwellings preferring to opt for basic blinds or even leaving their windows uncovered in an effort to emulate a minimalist design trend. However, with curtains providing warmth, decorative style and a practical solution for shutting the outside world out, there is still a market for curtains – with pencil pleat curtains rising to the top.

What are pencil pleat curtains?

Imagine a pleated skirt, with the waistband holding together the in a gathered fashion which gradually widens out into pleats throughout the length of the fabric. Pencil pleated curtains are much the same, with the pleats standing tall like pencils whether gathered to one side or stretched across the width of your window. The beauty of pencil peat curtains is their organised finish and the way the pleats allow the fabric to fall evenly from the rail to the floor – and with the soft furnishing market constantly coming up with new designs and patterns to promote any style of living, pencil pleat curtains are here to stay.

Installing pencil pleat curtains

The idea of pencil pleat curtains is that there is always a pleat design even when the curtains are extended fully across the window. As such, the length of the material needs to be significantly longer than the width of the window, to ensure there is always a gathered design. Once you have the right length of material for your pleated curtains, make sure you have enough curtain rings attached to your curtain pole – or sufficient tracking space and gliders to hold the full length. TOP TIP: Curtain racks with tracking and gliders tend to offer more of a seamless look and work well in a minimalist space, while curtain rails with rings and hooks are more aesthetically pleasing for a traditional finish or if you are hoping to make a statement with your curtains. Installing perfect pleats can be difficult, and if you are not accustomed to doing this yourself you may wish to contact a professional soft furnishing company or curtain company to help with erecting your curtains.

What kind of designs work best with pencil pleated curtains?

First, you need to remember that any design you choose will be scrunched up into pleats and folds – and so selecting one large focal image on the front of your curtains is likely to become distorted and odd to look at. If you are keen to opt for some kind of design or pattern, select something repetitive which relies on the same pattern being replicated again and again – with no real focus on the start and end point. Alternatively, plain curtains always work well for pencil pleats – with darker colours tending to hide any inconsistencies in the pleating seamlessly. While this may seem attractive in terms of ensuring your curtains always look as polished as possible, be aware that darker colours can make a room appear smaller – and so if you want to maximise the light in your room, more neutral colours can ensure that the natural light is not lost.

Where do I get pencil pleat curtains made?

If you are set on a certain material, many curtain and upholstery stores can turn your material into a set of curtains – though this inevitably comes at a price. That said, curtains are an investment both into your style and design, and the practicality of your home, so spending a little extra on good quality curtains in a design you love is a good way to ensure your curtains last. If you are on a budget. High street department stores and soft furnishing retailers tend to offer a selection of ready-to-buy curtains in a variety of styles and finishes.

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