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Perfect Fit Blinds

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Perfect Fit Blinds

When it comes to furnishing and dressing the home, one of the main choices that homeowners make is how to create privacy within each room – choosing between blinds and curtains to cover windows and glass doors. While blinds are the popular choice for the modern home, finding the right match often means selecting a retailer which provides tailored blinds according to your specific home measurement – in this case, perfect fit blinds which sit perfectly atop the glass between the window pane and frame.

The benefits of perfect fit blinds

We often find that perfect fit blinds are most popular on large windows and glass doors, as the installation means that the blinds do not hinder or impact the use of the door of window – making them a much better solution for doors and windows which are regularly opened and used. Thus, the first and most important benefit of perfect fit blinds is their usability and the fact that they are super functional as well as stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Another benefit of perfect fit blinds is the way that they work well against a modern decorative style – slotting in a refined way into the gap created around the window, and thus ensuring that the overall effect is streamlined and angular rather than messy. Some of the best designs we have seen use white blinds to match white PVC conservatory doors and window frames, or else natural wooden blinds to fit into a slightly more rustic overall finish filled with natural effects and features.

The other benefit of perfect fit blinds is that way that their tailored fit provides the ultimate privacy – with the edges of the blinds lining up perfectly with the edges of the door or window frames and thus leaving little room for light to shine through or people to see through the window. That said, when the blinds are open the light is able to stream in uninhibited due to the fit of the blinds against the window.

Installing your perfect fit blinds

There are two different types of perfect fit blind which operate largely the same mechanism, but which are different in the way they sit freely – or not – against the window frame. Those blinds which are attached at the top and are often made from fabric or thin wooden slats are free to move and can sometimes cause noise when it is windy as the slats hit the window frame in time with the breeze. The other variation you can get is perfect fit blinds which are built against the frame and thus do not move – ideal for windy days, though it is worth noting that this of course means that the blinds can never be moved away from the window; only opened or closed. These latter styles of perfect fit blind tend to be most popular on patio doors.

When it comes to dressing the room around your blinds and helping them to blend in as seamlessly as possible, we recommend putting thought not only into the colour and textural material of the blinds, but also in the width and thickness of the slats as this can have a big impact on the way that light is reflected around the slats, and can adjust the ambience in your room. Some of the most popular perfect fit blinds are very neutral in colour and use statement thick slats in order to garner attention and stand out.

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