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An integral part of any bed both with regards to its appearance and its level of comfort for the user, the pillows we choose to put on our bed are often chosen as somewhat of an afterthought – with buyers putting their all into selecting a duvet cover in the hopes that the set will come equipped with a complimentary pillow so that they don’t have to worry or think about it. While this is no doubt the case in many instances, and is a good way of ensuring that the overall aesthetic of your bed is balanced and attractive, we do often say that pillows – like cushions – are a great way of elevating the look of your bed, allowing you to add personal touches, inflections of colour, or a little extra texture and vibrance.

Pillowcases which blend in

If you want your pillows to blend in with the rest of your bedding, you will likely be best served with cases which come as part of a set – either replicating the exact same design as the duvet cover, or else using the same theme and colouring with a slightly different layout. But duvet covers do not just end with their aesthetic appearance. The value of a really high quality pillowcase is often found not in its patterning or colour but rather in its fabric and the way it feels against the skin. We have seen a huge rise in demand in recent years for pure silk pillowcases following a large campaign which shared the properties of pure silk in reducing facial wrinkles and in protecting and softening the hair – with many high street and designer retailers now offering complete silk pillowcase packs in a range of styles and colour. This adjustment in the focus on fabric for your pillowcases requires consideration about the duvet cover you choose and how to ensure that the pillows blend in even if they have been purchased independently from the duvet cover. We recommend, if you want to create a seamless and balanced finish, that you select one main colour from the fabric of your duvet cover and use that across your pillowcases, opting to keep them plain and neutral with no added patterns or textured elements.

Pillowcases which stand out

When we talk about accessories and items which stand out, buyers often think that we are referring to the colour and patterning of a piece – picking out items which add vibrance and pops of colour but remain very static and two dimensional in their construction. With the rise of modern home decorating becoming so prominent across high street and high end retail stores, we are seeing more and more variation in the way that various soft furnishings can be made to stand out – with fabric depth and texture being one of the most important methods of elevating the aesthetics of a pillowcase. If you want your pillowcases to stand out, consider ways of keeping the colours neutral but using new and innovative texturing – for example the silk mentioned above, or fluffy pillows which create a more luxurious finish. And finally, if you really want your pillowcases to stand out, consider the value of an increase in quantity – the more pillows you stack at the top end of your bed, the more they will draw attention and stand out. The best pillowcases are those which are designed to be both attractive and comfortable, with retailers across the homeware and soft furnishing sectors now boasting a wide range of products made to create the perfect finish for your home.

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