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Pocket Memory Mattresses

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Pocket Memory Mattresses

When it comes to the composition of a mattress, the average buyer has little to no knowledge around which materials are best for support, which provide the best levels of comfort, and which are there to hold it all together. Pocket sprung mattresses are renowned for their support, while memory foam mattresses are particularly popular for the cushioning and all encompassing comfort they offer to the body – so what happens when you combine the two together?

What defines a pocket foam mattress?

In essence, a pocket foam mattress takes all the best bits of two popular style of mattress and fuses them together to create a high quality and well regarded product. The layer of small springs ensures that your weight is evenly distributed and supported fully no matter how your body moves during the night, while the memory foam layer on the top ensures the highest levels of comfort without sacrificing on the support layer. The coil system being topped by the foam layer quite literally places an entire mattress built around comfort onto the support system – as often, memory foam is used as a standalone material. Thus, placing the foam on top of a more solid and supportive base layer serves to ensure that the construction and built-in support not only supports but actively promotes a comfortable base that provides pain relief from pressure points – including those experienced by side sleepers whose sleeping pattern places pressure on their shoulders and hips more than with front or back sleeping.

What are the benefits of a pocket foam mattress?

Memory foam is typically regarded as a very high material in terms of heat retention, often becoming quite hot and sticky particularly for those who are hot sleepers. However, the fact that the base of the memory foam sits atop a series of other layers gives it a breathable nature that it doesn’t have as a standalone mattress – increasing its ability to regulate body temperature and provide a really comfortable base in terms of softness and environment. The feel of a pocket foam mattress is also very luxurious, and you can rest assured that the springs deep within the composition of the mattress are supporting your body’s movement through the night – provided you opt for the correct spring count in line with your individual weight and body type. For assistance in ensuring you get the spring count right, head to a bed specialist who can guide you towards the best options.

Dressing a pocket foam mattress

The main thing you need to consider with a pocket foam mattress is that its extra layers of construction do have an impact on the overall height of the mattress – elevating it beyond a standard mattress and thus requiring a specific set of sheets which are designed for deeper beds. It is also worth considering that a pocket foam mattress will likely be a lot heavier than its foam or coil sprung counterparts, and so you will find moving it very difficult without help. Finally, while many mattresses are designed to be two-sided in order for the mattress to be flipped to extend its lifespan, you will likely find that a pocket foam mattress must remain on one side for its entire life – due to the complex construction and the use of foam as a top layer. While this doesn’t effect the quality of the mattress immediately, it can mean the mattress won’t last as long – so be aware that it may need replacing more quickly.

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