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Pocket Sprung Mattresses

When it comes to finding a mattress which is high in value and quality, the pocket sprung mattress is often heralded by buyers, retailers and experts as the best mattress on the market. These are the mattresses where various decisions are made to alter and adjust the support and comfort to your specifications, making them the best solution for those with specific requests or preferences in line with how they want their mattress to feel. Pocket sprung mattresses also come with a certain set of rules, the main one being that the spring unit and spring tension you choose should at no point depend on your firm rating preference but instead on your weight and body composition. All too often we see buyers entering the market and believing that a mattress with a spring unit that is rated as ‘firm’ will provide a ‘firm’ finish with regards to the feel of the mattress – but this is wrong. The spring unit ‘firm’ rating in fact corresponds directly with the weight it is designed to carry – with most retailers offering up a chart that dictates exactly which rating you fit within depending on your weight bracket. If in doubt, opting for medium covers the majority of individuals who consider themselves to be an average weight.

How is a pocket sprung mattress made?

Pocket spring mattresses are made up of a spring support system which is topped with layers of upholstery selected by the buyer – often altering the price of the overall mattress depending on whether you choose natural and less common materials or synthetic ones which are cheap to obtain and use in mattress construction. The pocket springs themselves are individual springs which are wrapped in either a natural calico material or polyester, allowing each pocket spring to react independently to your body’s movement, providing support exactly where it is needed rather than across the surface of the mattress as a whole. The individual springs also reduce the amount of transference of movement between sleepers, meaning that as your partner moves in their sleep, the springs absorb most of that movement and ensure that it doesn’t bounce you around as well. In terms of upholstery then, it really is down to your preference as this is what ultimately affects the overall quality and finish of your mattress. Understanding what is inside your mattress means knowing the GSM (grams per square metre) of filling, which literally allows you to understand the percentage of different materials which make up the whole. This is something that only the most high end of retailers tend to disclose, so look out for any labels which don’t include this numerical value and so may be trying to hide hidden synthetic and fake materials inside the natural authentic ones.

Why pocket sprung mattresses are at the top of the market

For one thing, pocket spring mattresses are two-sided in design and so can be flipped regularly to lengthen the lifespan and ensure that the layers within the mattress are constantly shifted about to keep them at their optimum in terms of quality. Other benefits we love include the fully rounded support from the individual springs, the ability to select your own upholstery layers depending on your preferences, and the fact that the construction of different fabrics atop the spring unit base means the mattress is breathable and does not retain heat. Buying a pocket sprung mattress requires a complex combination of pairing your body weight with your ideal upholstery, and so heading to a bed specialist is the best way of ensuring you take home the right product for you.

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