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Pond Lights

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Pond Lights

A wide range of pond lights is a saving grace when you come to look at how to light up your garden water feature. With pond lights that sit above the waterline and below, you have all the options you will need to make your tranquil pond or babbling brook the star of the garden. A pond or water feature is a beautiful choice and a decorative feature, as well as having the potential to be a kind choice for local wildlife or a home for your own fish. Nobody has ever installed a pond, wanting it to be subtle and in the background of the garden. The conscious decision to bring water into your garden as a focal point means that you want it to stand out and be appreciated. For that, you need the right pond lights.

Creating a high profile effect with your pond can be done any number of ways, but the vast majority of them depend on good lighting. Many people choose to create the impression that their pond comes from a babbling spring, usually by having their water pump spout at a higher point than the rest of the pond and then circulate around. Shining a light at the point where the stream of water emerges is a very attractive option, capturing the running water and giving a natural visual effect that compliments the gentle trickling sound.

If you have chosen a waterfall effect for your water feature then you could choose a water-resistant LED spotlight to gleam on the sidelines or a submersible option to sit behind the waterfall and highlight the falling water. Another option would be a submersible light to shine at the exact point where the fall hits the water’s surface.

On the practical side, it makes sense to consider whether your light needs a cable. Some lights have solar panels and can remain in place without the need for trained cables in the appropriate waterproof protection. Some have a charging station and need to be moved in and out for charging but can easily forgo a cable for the length of a day or night and be portable for that time. Most lights that have a cable come with a long cable to suit the needs of your pond but make sure to check the length, measure and order enough cable tacks to secure the cable down.
If you need to run multiple lights, then remember to get an appropriate splitter to split your power in multiple directions.

There are countless personal touches that you could use to make your pond really shine. Some battery, powered submersible string lights are a way to make your pond special. They come with such a range of colours, you could look for removable coloured lenses and arrange them to suit you in your pond.

Some lights come with the ability to connect to a smart lighting app, to control your light from your phone or tablet. Others come fitted with photocells, these can help your lights automatically turn off as it gets light and turn on when the sunsets. As another personal touch, you could go for the natural look and have your LED pond lights set into faux rocks, they will blend in perfectly with real rocks surrounding your pond but give your water features the lift you want. Another option that mimics nature is water lily lights, usually, battery-powered and often rechargeable. These are designed in floral shapes to float on the surface of your pond, all while glowing gently.

Pond lights make your water feature a 24-hour feature. Perfect for parties and quiet moments with a tall cool glass of something, the shimmering surface of the water can only shine with their help.

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