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Recessed Lighting

A modern style of lighting now found across the home both lighting the insider and outside space, recessed lighting is one of the most simple phenomenon’s in terms of its basic appearance, creating spotlights which protrude from the ceiling or floor to add light to a space without the need for bulky light heads, wires and large bulbs.

What is recessed lighting?

In essence, recessed lighting comes from bulbs which sit flush with the surface they are mounted into, meaning that for the most part the light is concealed from view and does not create a stand out feature. As such, recessed lighting is particularly popular in modern homes where homeowners want to retain their stylish and minimal styling, without having to find lamps and lamp shades which fit in with their décor. Often operated as wall lights with a switch which turns them on or off, larger homes may find that singling specific strips of lighting out with their own switch allows for differing atmospheres and environments to be created, adding to the aesthetic value of the lights when switched on.

Where is it most commonly used and why?

The beauty of recessed lighting is that it can largely be used across any room in the home and it won’t look out of place. One of the most popular uses of recessed lighting is in the kitchen, when homeowners mount the lights not just in their ceiling and above the dining space, but also into the base of the cupboards above countertops, and along the floor of the kitchen just forward from the base of the cabinets. In a kitchen in particular, we find recessed spotlighting is useful because it allows the user to shine a very direct and uninterrupted light onto a work surface as they prepare food, without the need for an unsightly or large naked bulb.

Another really common use of recessed lighting is in fact outdoors, studded into patios and decking as a means of creating outside light which sits flush with the walking surface and creates a different kind of atmosphere by shining light upwards rather than down or sideways onto the seating area. There are outdoor retailers who specialise in outdoor lighting and we recommend heading there if you are looking for recessed lighting for an outside space, primarily to ensure that the bulb is strong enough to withstand the weight of walkers and that the entire structure of the light is weather proof.

And then we come to the bathroom – most specifically the shower. A growing trend in modern homes is to add lighting to the ceiling above the shower, with most homeowners opting for the convenience and modern styling of recessed lighting which not only hides away until it is needed, but also creates a safe and hazard free source of lighting which cannot be impacted by the room’s moisture or the development of mould or algae. By concealing all the wiring and important functional properties of the light up in the ceiling, the light is safe to use no matter how densely moisture filled the room is.

And finally, hallways and other living spaces – both in the ceilings and the floors. When it comes to finding a convenient and useful source of light which adds a new dimension to the room and creates a warm glow, recessed lighting comes in a variety of different intensities and bulb colours, with different sized spotlights for different rooms. For the best selection and variety you can pick from, head to lighting retailers and DIY specialists.

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