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Designed almost exclusively to provide a high end comfort experience which borders on luxury, recliners are one of those features that every home desires to have – especially with the most modern designs now concealing their mechanisms and providing a foundational seat which resembles an ordinary chair. The fact is, recliners were created by those who wanted to add every possible innovation and solution to the very make-up of a chair – with many featuring adjustable headrests, the ability to recline the backrest while raising the foot rest, concealed cup holders and even – in the most high end models – massage functions and add-ons. So, what are the benefits of recliners, and how do you find one to match your home? The benefits of recliners:

  • Recliners relieve stress brought on by back pain, as they allow the body to relax from a constant 90 degree sitting position which can cause strain and both physical and mental stress. You will notice when using a regular chair that you tend to lean back into your chair when you need to take a breather and relax – a reclining chair simply supports that movement and allows it to go one step further.

  • Recliners alter the blood flow in the body – stopping it from constantly settling in the bottom of your feet and legs as it does with regular chairs, and instead helping to improve circulation. This is particularly beneficial for those who suffer with swollen feet.

  • Recliners ease aches and pains, by shifting the weight distribution of the body and providing a supportive back which directs your muscles downwards and corrects the angle of your joints.

Thanks to all these health benefits, you will find that not only are recliner chairs popular in high street retailers for their added comfort and relaxation properties, but they also feature on the recommend treatment list of many physiotherapists and surgeons.

Finding a recliner to suit your home

One of the things we love about modern day recliners is the way that they have been designed to fit seamlessly in with the rest of your home – for example with the release and rise in popularity of reclining sofas, whereby one or more of the seats can fully recline – while remaining attached to the structure of the sofa and so blending in perfectly. If you are set on finding an individual recliner chair, first look at the space you want it to occupy and decide whether the chair is intended to stand out as a feature or blend in as just another piece of furniture. Recliners tend to be a little larger than other armchairs and living room chairs thanks to the mechanics contained in their main body, and so our primary recommendation – if placing your recliner in a living space – is to embrace it and use it as a stand out feature. For those members who need a recliner chair for health benefits but would prefer not to leave it out on show, consider transforming a spare room into a relaxation space, featuring your recliner and complimentary design choices which emanate relaxation – neutral colours, calking decoration and mood lighting.

Buying a recliner

Most of the top recliners are available in specialist retailers, especially if you are looking for one to support you through the health benefits, though thanks to their rise in popularity we are seeing an increasing number of high street furniture retailers stocking aesthetically pleasing recliners. It is worth noting that while these versions may be cheaper and look great, they are not necessarily the best options for supporting your health, and you would be best speaking with a recliner specialist about your specific needs.

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