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Rectangular Mirrors

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Rectangular Mirrors

Whether you are looking for a small mirror to sit above the sink in a secondary bathroom, a full length mirror to rest against your bedroom wall, or a wall mounted mirror to hang in the hallway or above the mantel in your living room, rectangular mirrors are a home decorating staple which serve both a functional and decorative purpose – adding the illusion of extra space, while also serving to provide you with a useful reflection of your own appearance in the most useful of spaces.

The face is, a rectangular mirror is one which can match any decorating style and be utilised in any space, with home owners often tilting the mirror to sit horizontally in rooms where they want to use up more wall space, or hanging it vertically in places where they have less wall space to play with.

Choosing the right rectangular mirror

A rectangular mirror does not have to conform to any specific dimensions in the way that a circle shape does – rather, a rectangle is anything which sits at a slightly longer length in one direction than it is in the other, provided it has four straight edges.

When it comes to finding the right dimensions and sizing for your room, then, a good deal of thought needs to be channelled into not only the size of the rectangle you want, but also in how the surface area of mirrored finish can be utilised to create visual interest – for example something very long and thin may be more eye catching than a standard rectangle, but it may not have the desired effect in terms of maximising the illusion of space in your room.

We often find that buyers dressing a smaller space tend to opt for a rectangular mirror which uses the thinnest possible frame – or sits without any kind of framing – while those with a larger rooms and more space to play with alter their dimensions more and use scale to add depth to the room.

Considerations for different rooms

One thing you do need to note is where the natural light in the room is, to be sure that the mirror you have won’t create a blinding reflection if and when the room needs to be used. We recommend spacing any mirror directly next to a window if you want to get an accurate reflection of your appearance, as the natural light shining onto you from the front will reflect your face and clothing in the same light as you will see outside your home. This location will also eradicate the risk of natural light creating blinding reflections every day.

The other consideration refers back to the size of the mirror and the best way to mount it on the wall or lean it against a wall. We love the effect of large rectangular mirrors leaned back against a wall, though it is worth noting that the reflection is immediately cut off with regards to the height of the reflected image, and so what you see in a leaning mirror isn’t necessarily accurate or flattering. Those which are wall mounted tend to provide far better reflections in comparison.

If you aren’t sure about the best frame for your rectangular mirror, keep it simple with something neutral which, like the rectangular shape, can be used in any space regardless of room style or surrounding decoration.

For the best selection of rectangular mirrors in a wide variety of different sizes and dimensions, head to home accessory stores and decorative retailers.

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