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Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

Considered to be the most basic but effective style of blinds in the sector, rollers blinds are operated with a simple cord which allows them to be rolled up into themselves, or extended downwards over the window according to the user need or preference. With the roll mechanism allowing the fabric of the blind to retain a very clean and smooth surface when rolled down, these blinds are ideal for patterns and complete images, creating an angular and perfect finish which is ideal for any style of home.

The benefits of roller blinds

One of the main benefits of roller blinds is the simple fact that they can be rolled downwards and back up into themselves very easily using a simple cord, leaving little room for user error or damage. The easy to use cord also means that roller blinds can be used to cover as much or as little of the window as required, making them a lot better and classier in their overall finish than curtains which can look untidy when left half open. Another benefit of roller blinds is the way that they have been developed and upgraded over time, moving from the basic cord mechanism to some variations able to be operated mechanically rather than manually. This makes them ideal for the modern home where minimal accessories are preferred. And then we have the aesthetic value of roller blinds, with the clean smooth finish giving them an elegance which cannot be achieved with curtains and which can actually elevate a space and make it feel more homely without feeling cluttered. Roller blinds are also much thinner than curtains, and though they do not add the same level of texture, they provide a window covering which blends in with the surroundings rather than standing out and/or dominating the soft furnishings in the room.

Things to consider before buying roller blinds

If you are considering buying and installing roller blinds in your home, one of the main things you need to put thought and consideration into is the colour and texture of your blinds, with homeowners often divided on whether blinds present an opportunity for vibrance and colour, or whether they should be relegated to neutral shades and very bland textures. For some, the window is a focal point of natural light and thus should be enhanced by the presence of a standout blind which draws attention and frames the window. For others, blinds are merely a functional way of blocking out the sun or ensuring privacy and should blend in with the walls and window frames. Another thing to consider is the sizing of your blinds and how far down they need to extend in order to prove useful and functional. We often find that homeowners do not appreciate the need to extend their roller blinds beyond the base of the windowpane, thus leaving them with a strip of sunlight which sits across the bottom of the window. And finally, consider the thickness of your roller blinds and how this, combined with their colour, impacts the overall effectiveness of the blind. We tend to find that the best option for homeowners looking for blackout blinds is layering and the use of extra thick layers behind the aesthetic outer roller blind layer. These thicker solutions are particularly popular in bedrooms where users prefer a darker finish, whereas living spaces can often exist with just the thin roller blind and no extra layering. For the best roller blinds made to measure and finished in line with your aesthetic requirements, head to blind specialists and homeware suppliers.

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