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Roman Blinds

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Roman Blinds

When compared with other styles of blinds and window coverings, roman blinds are traditionally very simple – operating with a few simple folds which create horizontal pleats across the fabric and allow the blinds to be opened and closed by drawing the fabric up into the folds or else unfolding and releasing the folded fabric to cover the window. With such a simple design and use, one of the reasons why Roman blinds are so popular is because they create perfectly clean lines which sit perfectly straight on their own without adjustment – as is the case with other blinds which unfold different slats and can look untidy when done quickly and without care. The folds and horizontal pleats also mean that both open and closed, the blinds lay flat against the window and so do not create too much of a focus on the fabric rather than the window itself.

The benefits of roman blinds

As well as being super easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing both when open and closed, roman blinds are also easy to maintain and clean due to the fact that when closed the fabric sits flat. Of course, the finish of the blinds does rely on the fabric you choose and its texture and thickness, with thicker canvas materials tending to sometimes create a bulkier finish while thinner fabrics fall in a more elegant way. With their clean and angular look, roman blinds are also great in a modern home and can be used to bring to life vibrant statement colours or else blend in with the surrounding room using cool and calming neutral shades and tones. Another little known benefit of roman blinds is their insulating properties, making them extra functional not just in ensuring privacy and darkness but also in keeping a room feeling as cosy and warm as it looks. This is because sometimes drafts around the edges of windows can cut into a room, however if you have blinds which reach the edges of the windows then they will effectively protect the room from drafts or chills.

Dressing a room with roman blinds

When it comes to colour and fabric, one of the main questions we see homeowners stuck on is the way they should be using fabric and texture as well as colour – unsure which area to focus on, and thus finding themselves unsure how to dress the rest of the room. If you are furnishing a living room with roman blinds, we recommend keeping the colours neutral in order to ensure the window itself remains the focal point rather than the framing blinds. If you have a fabric light or lampshade, pairing the blinds material with this fabric can be a good way of creating harmony in the room as a whole; another option is to match the blinds with a rug or even cushions or sofa fabric. The other thing you need to focus on with roman blinds is the installation mount along the top of the blinds, and the cord through which you will operate the blinds. Simple ropes and wooden toggles work well in all home styles and rooms, though if you aren’t keen on keeping the cord on show you can conceal this behind the blind material to one side. Before visiting specialist blind retailers or homeware style stores, we recommend measuring your windows to ascertain the right size and ensure that you get this right. This will ensure you get that useful insulating benefit as well as a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish for your home.

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