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Rug Grippers

When it comes to dressing and furnishing a home, one of the most important things to always keep in mind is the balance between things which look great and things which are suitable and safe for the environment you want to create. For example, if you have young children or pets, or live with an older relative or friends – make sure that the space and home that you craft is suitable and safe for them to live in. While many homeowners think this means keeping fragile objects away from shelf edges and keeping cleaning products out of reach, one of the most overlooked but hazardous element in any home is your rugs – especially when placed on hardwood surfaces or tiling. Slippery rugs are something that most of us will have experienced at some stage in our life, whether it be in a bathroom as you step out of the shower, or in a hallway as you power walk to the front door before being swept along by the sheer force of your body on the slippery rug. Enter the rug gripper.

What is a rug gripper?

The concept of a rug gripper is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin – hold the rug in place by creating a grippy surface between the fabric underside of the rug and the hard slippery surface. There are several different designs and creations which sit in the rug griper market, with the most popular using an entire rug gripping mat underlay which acts as a standalone item and uses its rubber material to create complete grip for the underside of your carpet. The construction of this underlay is done with multiple small squares of rubber, to ensure the very highest level of grip on the floor with multiple small lines of rubber creating an overwhelming friction. Another popular design is more of a sticker that can be attached to each corner of the rug and stuck to the floor to hold the rug in place – an effective though slightly less reliable design when compared with the complete protection of the rubber mat underlay.

Why rug grippers are so important

In essence, what a rug gripper does is ensure that your home is completely safe for those walking, hurrying or even running through. All too often we see rugs in hallways completely overlooked in terms of the potential hazard, only for accidents to occur which could easily be avoided. Rug grippers are an inexpensive solution to keeping your rug firmly in place – and though they may not be selected for their aesthetic value (after all, you will never see them), they do an important job in keeping the home safe. When it comes to looking for your ideal rug gripper, we recommend selecting an item which covers as much of the underside of the rug as possible without appearing visible. We tend to find that buyers choose larger matting underlays which are larger than their rug then cut them down to size rather than end up with one which is too small and is not as effective. If you do decide to opt for the corner stick grippers, again ensure the effectiveness and strength of the grip by using more tape than you think you need, as over time the stick can loosen and become a little less reliable with wear and tear and over usage. For the best examples and solutions in the rug gripper market, head to DIY stores and department retailers.

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