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Secretary Desks

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Secretary Desks

It’s time to get rid of that assistant energy and embrace the role of the secretary desk as an at-home, office, or workplace staple. Designed to sit against a wall, the structure of a traditional secretary desk takes multi-use furniture to a whole new level – with modern designs encompassing the same functional vibes but with an increase in stylistic flair and versatile finishes.

Today, large and small secretary desks offer the ultimate solution to a home working setup which can be transformed into a decorative furnishing when not used for work. More and more homeowners are seeking furnishings and items that tick a necessary function, but which bridge the practical benefits with aesthetic grandeur – and the secretary desk offers this and more while using up very little in the way of floor space.

That’s because when not in use as a desk, a large secretary desk resembles more of a bookcase or a dresser than an actual desk, with its tall stance and solid structure. Only when the desk is pulled out does its true purpose become clear. These desks were super popular a few decades back, with many antique and traditional homes finding that they were drawn to the early designs of secretary desks due to their ornately engraved and decorated wooden exteriors, and their basic but ingenious designs.

Why We Love Secretary Desks

  • A secretary desk is a subtle addition to a room which offers permanent desk space but can be adjusted to blend into the room as a dresser or bookcase when not in use.

  • The compact design and structure of a secretary desk are such that it can be moved around with ease, making it a portable alternative to a standard desk.

  • Secretary desks are attractive and designed to complement your space as a decorative accessory and functional furnishing. In addition, the wide range of secretary desks available encompasses vintage secretary desk structures and more modern desks – with homeowners able to select the right style for their surroundings.

  • The multi-purpose design of a secretary desk makes it a valuable addition to many rooms in the home – from compact home offices to open-plan living spaces, hallways, and even bedrooms.

Secretary Desk FAQs

What is the purpose of a secretary desk?

Available in many finishes and materials, from vintage oak secretary desks to pure white and modern secretary desks, the purpose of this furnishing is both aesthetic and practical. The furnishing offers a concealed desk with storage which can be accessed and used as required, and hidden when not in use behind the frontage of a sideboard or classic storage unit.

How can you make a secretary desk?

If you’re looking to enhance your home with the traditional style and grandeur of a secretary desk, consider repurposing one of our sideboard units with an extendable desk surface. Alternatively, browse the full collection of small and large secretary desks to find the right fit for your home.

What makes a secretary desk different from a regular desk?

While a regular desk presents a permanent work surface, the surface of a secretary desk is usually concealed behind a hinged lid or fold-down structure. When not in use as a desk, a secretary desk doubles up as a storage unit or sideboard for your home.

With its multi-purpose design, the secretary desk is an old interpretation of something that today would be seen as innovative – probably the biggest reason why these desks can still be found on the market today. For the best range, try antique and second-hand stores, as well as furniture retailers and homeware decorating furniture stores.

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