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Serving Carts & Drinks Trolleys

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Serving Carts & Drinks Trolleys

When it comes to serving drinks and entertaining guests, bringing them into the kitchen to top up their drink is one way of providing a good service. Equally good is carrying around a bottle and topping up glasses without the need for your guests to move. But what if we told you there was a stylish and playful way of serving an array of drinks, while also sparking conversation and supplying your home with a conversation starting focal feature? Drinks trolleys and serving trays are one of the most diverse accessories available in the home entertaining section of most retail stores, not just supporting the pouring of cocktails but also giving you a way to carry and serve coffee, teas, snacks and all manner of other treats and delights. And with such a wide array of designs now available, the market is yours.

The best styles and designs of serving carts and drinks trolleys

The whole point of a serving cart or drinks trolley is that it provides you with a ‘bar on wheels’ – something that can be pushed around or else set up in a corner as a makeshift bar. As long as it has this portable capability, the rest of the design and style is truly aesthetic – with some of our favourite designs featuring everything from built-in champagne coolers to glass holders, wine portion cups and little pots for snacks. In terms of design and style, from research we understand that many of our members consider the idea of a serving cart to be very 1920’s – a concept which influences much of the designs even today, with trolleys featuring gold frames and flamboyant patterning, black surfaces and ornate wheels. It is worth considering a trolley with an adjustable frame to suit your height, particularly in the modern market where so many retailers are adding these kinds of ergonomic and user friendly features to help their products stand out. We particularly like those trolley which also come with built in electronics and batteries which provide their own source of light – though if you don’t happen to find one with its own light, wrapping some fairy lights around the frame yourself will provide the same effect and will also give the trolly a really whimsical and attractive finish.

Advantages of a drinks trolly

The advantages are fairly simple, namely allowing the user to wheel around a bar and set it up wherever they please – whether that be outside for a summer party, or inside during a more formal dinner. Another key advantages is that despite the title drinks trolley, the product itself is actually super versatile and can be used for all manner of purposes, making it an investment into practical serving across all areas of life. And then there’s the aesthetic value of a serving trolley as a focal feature in the home. Many homeowners have drinks cabinets and stashes of alcohol on display in their home, and where better place to display your favourite spirits and finest drinks glasses than on a decorative drinks trolley which draws the eye and promotes conversation? In fact, some of the best drinks trolleys we’ve seen have either been inspired by old designs or else have actually been picked up from second-hand stores and updated – giving them a story and history which only adds to their charm. For your very own drinks trolley or serving cart, head to homeware retailers which deal with accessories and decorative pieces of furniture, or else explore the options through second-hand and antique dealers.

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