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Single Mattresses

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Single Mattresses

Chances are that many of us will have gone through childhood in a single bed – either in our own room or surrounded by the company of siblings and other family members depending on the family group and size of the home.

A single mattress does exactly what it says on the tin – providing a mattress designed to sit comfortably on a single bed frame; the ideal size for an individual sleeping alone, and often one of the most popular choices when it comes to sourcing and storing a spare bed for guests.

Many of our members will find that sofa beds, bunk beds and some of the more novel and whimsical bed solutions for children are all designed with a single bed finish – with many requiring the purchase of a mattress separately.

Top considerations when it comes to purchasing a single mattress

First and foremost, as with all bed sizes, not all frames are made to the same dimensions. What is typically classed as a single mattress can in fact be broken down further to include large and small singles; referring both to the width and the height of the mattress.

As such, it is recommended that the mattress is purchased after the bed frame has been bought and measured, to ensure the best possible fit.

Another consideration we urge our members to spend time thinking about, is what kind of sleeper they are and what kind of mattress will best support their needs. One of the great things about a single mattress is the likelihood that it will only hold one occupant at a time – meaning that the need to consider another person’s sleeping pattern is irrelevant. Depending on where you buy your mattress from, some retailers provide options and collections suitable for those who sleep on their back, their side, and their front, so when looking for the best retailer make sure you give thought to those with the widest range of choices.

Then there is the type of support and structure of your mattress. Again, a single mattress affords you the opportunity to ensure the finish is just right for you as an individual, so spend time considering the differences between a memory foam mattress and a spring mattress.

Finding the best single mattress for you

Whether you’re sourcing single mattress for children’s beds, spare beds, or your own bed, budget is one of the key factors that goes towards making that final decision.

Luckily, due to the reduced size, a single mattress is often cheaper than a double – so if you don’t mind a smaller space, particularly if you live or sleep alone, then you can often afford to branch out on a higher quality mattress – citing the reduced size as a cost saver, rather than skimping on quality.

The best brands for buying your single mattress tend to be dependent on what you’re looking for, though specialist bed retailers typically offer the best and widest selection. Not only that, but bed retailers will often sell and advertise pairings which match the bed frame to its ideal mattress; providing you with a sure fit, and sometimes even a slightly lower package price if you purchase both together. Other retailers our members tend to lean towards for key furniture purchases such as mattresses, include homeware stores and wholesale retail giants.

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