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Slot Top Curtains

Framing a window with curtains is one of the easiest ways of injecting life and added style into a room, with many homeowners not even realising that their window is plain and uninteresting until they add something which really draws attention to and optimises the look of the windows. Hanging curtains is an art which requires a choice from a series of different options – one of the most popular being slot top curtains which are particularly popular across bedroom spaces where you want to ensure a solid block of material to cover the window.

What is a slot top curtain?

A slot top curtain structure is one characterised by a channel of material through which the curtain pole runs across the top of the curtain fabric. Rather than being attached to the exterior of the material with a rail or the holes of an eyelet curtain technique, slot top curtains tend to be made by simply folding over the top edge of the curtain and stitching the edge to the fabric to create a hollow fold, through which the pole can be fed. The finished effect of slot top curtains tends to be seamless in both the way they conceal and cover the window, and in the way they sit against the backdrop of a wall – making them particularly ideal for curtains which boast a very bold or obvious design or image which you want to keep as straight as possible. This is because the way the fabric falls when the curtain is closed remains very straight, particularly in comparison to the deep folds achieved by eyelet curtains.

Things to consider with slot top curtains

Though especially ideal for very design-heavy curtains and in those rooms which you want to keep very clean cut and angular in their finish, there are a few things to note about the purchase and installation of slot top curtains which can make them a little more of a challenge for those with large windows in particular. Firstly, it is important that the fabric of your curtain isn’t so thick that it will not bunch together at one end when you try and open the curtains. We tend to find that slot top curtains are the least conducive to regularly opening as the constant flow of material across the pole can be difficult to control – particularly at height. If you are looking at particularly thick or layered curtains, you would likely be best looking at another style of hanging. Another thing to consider is the way that the fabric is pulled and pushed along the pole, with users often finding the material regularly becoming stuck or difficult to move due to the sheer quantity of fabric which needs to be shifted in order to slide the curtains open or closed. And then there’s installation itself – with the curtains needing to be fed onto the pole before they can be hung up. This not only requires you to remove the curtain pole to feed the curtain on to it, but it also means that thought needs to be put into the diameter of the pole and the size of the gap that you are using to feed the pole into. Too small and the curtains will not be able to move or slide open and closed; too large, and you lose that clean and seamless effect. When it comes to slot top curtains, we recommend seeking the advice and guidance of a curtain specialist, who can help you select the right material and pole diameter for your home.

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