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Small Double Mattresses

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Small Double Mattresses

One of the biggest issues our members and buyers have when it comes to decorating a spare bedroom, is deciding which size and style of bed to get. Should they opt for a semi-permanent bed structure such as a futon which is comfortable enough but also doubles as a chair for space saving purposes and to add an extra seating option when needed? Or should they go all out with a king size bed, offering guests a premium overnight experience which they will remember and enjoy?

One of the best things to do is to land somewhere in the middle, choosing a small double – otherwise known as a queen size bed – to sit inside a guest room space and provide more than enough space for one sleeper, but still also have just enough space for two sleepers.

Reasons to opt for a small double mattress

For one thing, we often find that using a small double mattress makes little difference to the user, and yet can have a huge impact on the overall finish and space made available in the room – with the extra inches allowing for a little more freedom in terms of both movement and also decoration. For those who pride themselves on presenting a well dressed guest room, the extra space can be used to add a chair – or if the room is already quite large, can be used for features around the bed which elevate the user experience.

Another reason to opt for a small double bed is that, quite simply, it costs less – and means you can spend the extra money on dressing the bed to look as great as it possibly can. After all, the likelihood is that guests will only sleep in it on the occasional night and it will otherwise lie empty, so why invest in something super expensive and large if it isn’t going to be used regularly?

The last common reason for choosing a small double bed is for a child as they grow up and start to show signs of moving beyond a single bed in terms of their comfort. Taller teenagers in particular can often find that a single bed simply becomes too cramped as they continue to grow, and so investing in a small double allows them to retain space in their room but also gives them the chance to spread out a little as they sleep and ensure that they don’t hurt themselves by having to cramp up against a bedframe which is too small for them.

Things to consider with a small double mattress

The main thing you need to look out for if you choose a small double mattress, is a bed frame and bedding which matches the sizing. It is common for buyers to see the word ‘double’ on a label or packet and forget that what they need is a small double or queen size in fit – with the bed frame in particular causing real problems if to get a size which is too large for the mattress.

Again, a bed sheet ideally needs to be the right size for the mattress, though we do always recommend sizing up when it comes to the duvet and duvet cover, and so investing in a standard double or even a king size duvet is the best way to ensure the bed always has plenty of cover from summer right through to the chilly winter months.

Despite sounding like an in-between size, you will find a range of small double mattresses at bed specialist and homeware stores.

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