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Small Outdoor Rugs

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Small Outdoor Rugs

When it comes to versatile home accessories and decorative items, you will often find that a small rug is one of the easiest ways of upgrading and elevating the aesthetic of a space without contributing too much to the amount of clutter present. Rugs can instantly serve the purpose of making a specific space seem more welcoming and homely, and in the case of intense patterns can quickly add vibrance to an otherwise quite bland space – making them particularly ideal for use in garden spaces and on neutral decking or patios.

A small outdoor rug is one which is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also functional, designed to withstand life outside using a combination of synthetic and weatherproofed materials which are both durable and easy to clean.

The best uses of a small outdoor rug

One of the best things about small outdoor rugs is how they can be used both inside and outside, particularly if you select a design which works across all of your home spaces. When it comes to outside, we often see rugs being used as everything from a feature point to a picnic blanket when the need calls for it, with users heralding the construction not just as something functional and attractive but also something which adds a little luxury to the ground and creates an area soft enough to sit on.

What to look for in an outdoor rug

For one thing, the entire concept of using a small rug outdoors is that it is small and thus does not completely take over the natural ground of the space. Whether you place your rug on grass, decking or your patio, the slightly cushioned surface can provide a really pleasant user experience when sitting or walking on the rug, but if you allow it to completely fill the space then you will quickly lose the natural grandeur of your outdoor space and the overall look will be unbalanced.

The best way to clean your outdoor rug is to wipe it down, so we recommend taking the time to give it a clean every couple of days during the summer months to keep it at its best. You can also hose the rug down if it gets dirty due to its water resistant material, or you can vacuum it thoroughly on dry but dusty days.

And then we come to the design itself, and what to look for in making your space the best it can be. One of the best ways to approach potential designs and colours is to assess both your interior home styling and the type of outdoor space you have, and select a colour which compliments and works in both – leaving you with a rug that can be used inside or outside, and one which harmonises between your two main spaces. In a modern home with lots of outdoor patio and manicured grass, we recommend keeping the base of the rug very pale and plain, with more of a pattern overlay in one or more focal colours. Another option is to choose something which uses various tones of the same neutral colour, for example grey, to add depth and texture without bringing in too much colour.

Selecting your perfect outdoor rug is a case of knowing which colours compliment and bring together your inside and outside spaces, namely focussing on the ones which create a neutral oasis but can be used as a vibrant addition when necessary. We tend to find the best options available across home accessory retailers, though outdoor garden centres boast limited ranges of outdoor based rugs.

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