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Small Outdoor Sofa Sets

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Small Outdoor Sofa Sets

Finding the perfect seating to fill your outside space means looking for set which are functional and able to withstand the adverse and ever-changing weather conditions, while still looking great and turning your outside into a really welcoming oasis of calm and relaxation.

When it comes to small sofa sets in particular, we tend to find that buyers look for sets which feature at least one or two small sofas, often with a matching stool or pouffe which can double as a decorative accessory, an extra seat or even a table on which to balance a tray of drinks.

Top uses of an outdoor sofa set

The first and most important thing to consider with your sofa set is where it will live – and where you will store it during the winter when it can’t be left outside. One of the best uses for outdoor sofa sets is to furnish patio and decking space, with buyers often selecting fairly neutral designs which can be elevated using fairy lights hung above the sofas and additional accessories such as cushions and side tables.

However, it is important to remember that the outside is the very best surrounding and the most natural source of decoration you could want, and so finding a sofa set which juxtaposes and still compliments your garden space is key to creating a harmonious oasis.

Things to look for in your outdoor sofa set

The main thing to look for is a sofa set which is durable, weatherproofed and constructed in the perfect size for your space. One mistake we often see buyers making is opting for a set which, in the store surrounding by other pieces, appears small and subtle – however once in the space of your own garden, suddenly looks much bigger.

We also recommend channelling focus into finding a design which suits and harmonises between both your interior décor and your garden space, with modern homes tending to replicate their neutral interiors through very plain sofa sets, while more eclectic and rustic homes can afford to opt for a sofa with a little more vibrancy in its design.

Of course, there are other sofa sets which are less focussed on comfort and the padding of a traditional sofa, and instead move forward with the hard backing of a solid constructive material which can then be furnished with cushions and throws to add comfort and style. These designs tend to work best in both modern and neutral spaces, with hardwood options looking great in a manicured garden due to the angular straight lines, while metal style sofa and bench sets are perfect in a more industrial space created from patio and potted plants.

Dressing your outdoor sofa set

One thing we regularly get asked by members is how to maintain their outdoor sofa set so that it continues to look great year after year. One of the best things you can do to keep the surface clean and protected is to invest in a series of cushions and throws – not only protecting the main surface of the sofas, but also enabling you to alter and change the overall aesthetic effect of your outdoor sofas without regularly buying a whole new sofa set.

When it comes to finding an outdoor sofa set, particularly one which is small enough to fit in a regular outdoor space without compromising on the seating available, we recommend heading for both interior design retailers and garden retailers, as well as furniture stores and department stores.

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