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Small Single Mattresses

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Small Single Mattresses

For those who live in a small home with limited space, you may find yourself fretting about the best way to include extra beds into your home without completely drowning your rooms and leaving you with virtually no space in which to move around. That’s where additional sizes come in, moving away from the standard single and double size bed mattresses and instead allowing buyers to opt for something which is a little smaller or larger than that which the retailer previously decided was a good size for one sleeper or two. A small single in particular may seem like an odd choice, but there are a range of different reasons why these are so popular: not only to conserve space, but also to provide a go-between for children who have outgrown a cot or toddler bed but aren’t yet ready to transition into a full sized bed yet. As such, as tend to find that the best small single mattresses for these kinds of buyers are cheaply made – often with a single layer of foam providing the main construction method – though there are higher quality supportive small single mattresses available too if you need them.

Why we love small single mattresses

One of the best things about small single mattresses is that they maximise the potential for space around the bed without really appearing to be noticeably smaller than a standard single. When it comes to measurements, the reduction in size is minimal and yet in a small room it can make a huge difference – particularly as a small single is reduced both in its width and its length, meaning the overall surface is reduced in both directions rather than just one. This makes fitting a small single into a small room much easier. Another thing we love about small single mattresses is the way that retailers are beginning to encompass them into innovative space saving home solutions, for example beds which fold out from the wall, or beds with the space below for an additional mattress which can be slid out easily without sticking out at the sides – often because it is a small single and so slightly smaller than the frame it is sitting under. The last thing we particularly love about small single beds are the fact that provide parents with a really easy and often quite cheap go-between as their child grows and starts to need more space as they sleep – with buyers tending to select a small double mattress for children who are particularly active during the night in terms of their unconscious movement, and those who are growing quickly but aren’t yet ready to move into a fully sized bed. Small singles are not only cheap to purchase but now come with a wide range of different bed frames and bedding sets to match their sizing, meaning that buyers have more choice than ever when it comes to ensuring their small single mattress and accompanying bed matches with the theme of the room and overall decorative style of the house. When it comes to buying your small single mattress, we do recommend understanding the measurements fully to check that you can source a bed frame in the right size, and then invest in your bedding separately – ideally sizing up to allow the bedding to be applicable for other beds should you wish to keep it and reuse it in the future. To find the best and most comfortable small single mattress for you, head to a bed retailer or department store.

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