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How often have you been to stay with a friend or relative, only to be told you are sleeping on the sofa? Investing in a sofa bed is something our members often ask about, questioning everything from comfort to practicality of use and whether a sofa bed can ever look good in your main living space. For those who have to be conservative in their furniture buying, a sofa bed is an ideal way to ensure you always have a spare bed, as well as comfortable place to sit and watch television or spend time with your loved ones. Let’s look at a few common questions we get asked by our members when it comes to finding the perfect sofa bed.

Can a sofa bed look good?

Now a popular staple in the furniture market, the range of sofa beds available are huge – and that means that the designs are extensive and the options are endless. Whether you simply want something affordable and functional to sit in your spare room, or something that will look great to take pride of place in your living space, with so many retailers now offering sofa beds you can rest assured there will likely be something that suits your needs. It is worth noting that some sofa beds come with additional storage to store away other items, though these designs can often be larger so we recommend that our members measure the space available before investing in one of these larger designs. Top Tip: If in doubt about the best way to dress your room with a sofa bed, consider additional accessories and furnishings that can help. Everything from the location to the cushions you add can alter the appearance and finish of any piece of furniture, and sofa beds are no different.

How practical are they?

We cannot fault the practical use of a sofa bed when it comes to its dual purpose – providing a seat by day and a bed by night. You will find that most sofa beds are easy to use, often easy enough to operate after reading the instructions, and many are light enough that they can be easily moved to a spare room should the need arise. Aside from the actual practical use, sofa beds are also a good choice when it comes to cost – especially when compared to the regular cost of a standalone bed or sofa on todays market. There is no doubt that if you are looking to buy a sofa and also want access to a spare bed, investing in a sofa bed is almost definitely your most cost effective option – with most high street retailers offering collections that range from affordable through to luxury automated sofa beds.

What to look out for when purchasing a sofa bed

If you’re looking at transitioning from sofa to bed on a regular basis, we cannot deny the value in spending a little more on the original product in order to ensure a longer lifespan. With regular use, some cheaper models can very quickly become damaged and eventually unusable – stuck in a state of either bed or sofa, or, worst case scenario, somewhere in between. Many retailers will also now offer the option of upgrading various elements of your sofa bed prior to purchase, giving you the choice of everything from the type of fabric used to cover the sofa, to its interior mattress. Upgrading to a memory foam mattress is one great way of raising the comfort levels of your sofa bed, while selecting the fabric finish yourself will ensure a sofa bed that you are proud to have in your home.

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