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When it comes to dressing a home, or even just a single room, the furniture you choose can make or break the overall finish. From a celebration of minimalism, to a distinct theme or colour scheme, what you place in a room has the power to balance or completely throw your desired look away. No piece of furniture holds the same power in this arena as the sofa does. Offered viewed as the pinnacle to any living space, the sofa is often one of the first things you will notice in a room, mainly because it takes pride of place and is the area you immediately look towards to make yourself comfortable. Many of our members ask us how to use a sofa to change the appearance of a room, and our answer is not always linked to the colour or design you choose.

Using a sofa to change the appearance or overall feel of a room

Though colour and texture have a vast impact on the overall look of a product or room, the positioning and layout can be just as important – particularly with regards to the larger items of furniture. A quick revamp or rearrange of a room can leave it looking quite different, and so for our members who are looking for a quick fix and a new look, we first suggest moving the sofa from a central position to a new placement up against a wall or on the other side of the room; immediately refreshing the overall finish. Investing in the recovering of an older sofa is another way to revamp an entire item of furniture without buying a whole new set.

Why are sofas so expensive?

This is another questions we get asked quite often, and the answer is that sofas don’t always have to cost a lot – it simply depends on the luxury of the finish and the retailer you opt for. Size is another factor which can affect the cost of a sofa, as well as any additional feature – for example is it a corner sofa (typically more expensive due to the larger footprint of the seating area), does it come as part of a set, and does it have reclining seats or extra high-tech functions. For those looking for cheaper sofas, one of our top tips is to consider out of season products. Something which a high street retailer deems “last season stock” may well be just what you need, or alternatively if you are unsure of the texture or colour, a few well-placed cushions or throws can instantly cover up and alter the finish of your sofa. For those looking at minimalist designs and finishes, the high street boasts a number of retailers which celebrate neutral designs and colours, often with natural wood structures and simple cushioned seats. In terms of cost, these can be both super or fairly high-priced, depending on where you look – so make sure you shop around to find a good balance between appearance and quality.

What makes a comfortable sofa?

This extends far beyond the softness of cushion, incorporating the height of the backrest, the depth of the seat, and the texture and fabric of the cushioning. Leather is a popular covering for antique and grand sofas and chairs, though the quality of the leather can mean the difference between a stiff creaking chair, and a comfortable soft one. Likewise, fabric isn’t always the best option, with some leaving ridges on the skin or becoming quite itchy. In terms of the overall structure, we recommend our members consider carefully how they like to sit or lounge, and then look for a sofa which compliments their preferences – whether than be a deep chair with a wide seat, or a higher back designed to support the back and neck.

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