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Standard Bookcases

The value of a bookcase is its ability to give you somewhere to keep books safe, while still having them on display for ease of selecting your next read, or simply to add some vibrancy and life to the home. Not necessarily relegated or linked to any particular room in the house, most of us choose to have a bookcase in the room of any children we have, to keep them engaged with their reading schedule, as well as one in the living space for all our own books.

With an increase in the amount of homeowners seeking ways to create modern and innovative solutions for storage, we are seeing more and more bookcases taking on new and vibrant shapes and sizes – for example those which are super slimline and only hold about 10 books width wise, but which reach right up to the ceiling of the room, thus maximising the way the room uses its height as well as its floor space.

This is particularly beneficial for those living in smaller homes, or those with large white walls who want to add a little bit of unique decoration.
The best bookcases for children

For a child’s room, the bookcase is the portal to where all their stories come to life and is the place they will come when they want to escape their everyday life. A child’s bookcase, though standard, in design, should be full of life and celebration of their favourite characters – whether that be through decorative accessories added to the shelves, the way the shelves themselves are painted, or the atmosphere which is created around the bookcase.

A child’s room is the one room in the house where design and stylistic preferences can go out the window – leaving you free to explore a plethora of colours and shapes, as well as soft furnishings designed to create a really comfortable and welcoming space. Consider colourful book ends to add vibrancy to the shelves themselves, and if you decide to paint the bookshelf then keep it quite neutral so that the colour never goes out of style – even when your child’s preferences change.

The best bookcases for the living room

Decorating the living room is all about suiting your chosen style, and so your bookcase should be kept as close to the style as possible. For the most part, modern rooms require modern styled bookshelves; meaning natural wood finishes, nice thick shelves and a solid wood frame, kept clear and clean across the top with the books stacked neatly according to size and colour where possible. After all, the more aesthetically pleasing your books are, the more appealing the overall effect of the room will be.

If you do want to add a little extra colour or life to an otherwise standard bookshelf, consider plain bookends which finish hallway across the shelf on one or two of the shelves – filling the empty space with a single decorative accessory, for example a potted plant or a photo frame. This will add a little personality and elevate the appearance in a subtle way.

The best bookcases for the hallway

The hallway is a place where many homeowners put their bookcases, often keeping them very simple in design and, for a long hallway, investing in a structure which features only a couple a couple of shelves but is quite long and covers a larger section of floor space. These kinds of bookcase are primarily functional, though they add warmth and character to an otherwise very underutilised space.

To find the best selection of standard bookcases and bookshelves, head to furniture retailers and homeware stores.

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