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Standing & Height Adjustable Desks

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Standing & Height Adjustable Desks

One way of combatting the poor posture and aches and pains which come from sitting at a desk all day, is to invest in a standing or height adjustable desk, which provides you with the option of sitting down or standing – all while engaging completely in your work. Linked to improved circulation, better posture and an overall increase in wellbeing, standing up while working is one sure fire way to revolutionise the design and effectiveness of your office, as well as looking great and creating an interesting focal point.

Full desk replacement vs. an on-desk stand

If you’re new to the standing desk market, you’ll find that many retailer support the shift by offering a range of available items – from fully hight-adjustable desks, to support stands which allow you to raise the height of your computer or single work space while retaining a regular height desk. One important recommendation we make for our members, is to consider the position at which you work most comfortably when standing, taking care not to raise your working platform so high that your arms ache trying to reach it, or so low that your neck is craned downwards. The latter option is great if you plan on transitioning from sitting to stand regularly, or if you work most often on a computer without the need to see lots of pieces of paper around you. Not only does the standing solution of a work tray allow your body to take a break and stand for a while, but it can also help focus you on the task at hand by removing all distraction – simply leaving them on the lower desk surface below. If, however, you tend to work using multiple things around you at any one time, a fully height adjustable desk may be what you need – and in this case, the retail market is packed full of options. The electronic metal leg desks are some of the most high-tech and easy to use, with the user only needing to press a simple button in order to raise the desk to their desired height. Other more manual desks use a mechanical spring which you set by adjusting the tension. Again, this is easy to use and can be adjusted as per your desired height.

The best on-desk standing tools

For those who value the overall finish of the home office or desk space and want to leave it looking quite traditional and tidy, the selection of on-desk standing tools offered by our selection of retailers are not just practical but can also easily be moved and packed away. While some of our members will love the solid wood tray tables offered by rustic homeware retailers, those after something a little smarter in design may be tempted by the metal creations which feature angled shelving to tilt the screen and keyboard towards you as desired, those which offer a range of adjustable components including an additional keyboard and mouse tray, and those with simply enough space to hold your cup of tea.

Finding the best standing desk option for me

Trial and error is key in finding the best standing desk solution for your own work style, and with the price point of high quality standing desks generally quite high, it is worth researching the best options and focussing on the reviews written by those with a similar user need to you. Standing desks can be great for your body and overall wellbeing, and can look really smart when positioned correctly in the right room, so spend time matching your needs to your design as well as your budget.

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