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Storage Benches

When it comes to doing a quick tidy up, stashing various items somewhere where they will be hidden for the duration of a social occasion or a family visit, storage benches provide all the versatility you need – all the while looking completely innocent and stylish from the outside. The beauty of storage benches is that they can sit in any room in the house without looking out of place; boasting multiple uses and forming new ways to pull together a design theme all the while providing a handy hiding place for extra storage.

Storage benches in the bedrooms

You may think that this is quite abnormal, but in fact bedrooms all over the nation are full of storage benches in disguise – hidden under window seats, fluffy cushions and cleverly placed throws, and even enveloped in padded material and sat proudly at the end of the bed. The fact is, storage benches are ideal for bedrooms – not just because they give you somewhere to store extra bedding and piles of excess shoes, but also because they provide a comfortable and handy seat, or somewhere to rest your bag during the day. Some of our favourite storage benches for bedrooms are made with different decorative styles in mind, ranging from the velvet plush of a soft furnished bench sold by high end retailers and homeware designers, to the more rustic natural wood benches which create more of an outdoorsy “beach” vibe in your bedroom and really bring home the modern design with lots of natural light and neutral colours.

Storage benches in the living spaces of your home

When it comes to living spaces however, our storage benches shape shift into something a little more obvious. Often sat at the edge of rooms right on the periphery of the decorative theme, storage benches for living areas are solely selected based on their ability to conform to the style of the room, often having no other use than for storage and to act as a standalone accessory. For the modern living space, consider a hard material which is centred around either neutral painted colours of completely natural materials. Wood is a good option, though for a truly modern finish you will want something which has been selected and crafted to provide the most uniform and straight edged finish possible. A more industrial space meanwhile may benefit from a metal storage bench or a wooden piece painted in a colour which compliments the tone of the room, while a traditional home will often find that dark wood pieces come with padded cushions atop the bench lid – often in deep regal colours with velvet finishes. One thing to consider, especially when it comes to finding the right storage bench for a living space, is the safety of the bench you select – including its closing mechanism and whether the design is subject for trapped fingers. To lower the risk, look for a storage bench with a soft close lid, which gently closes the lid rather than allowing it to slam shut.

Storage benches in the hallway

The hallway is where you are most likely to find storage benches – of all shapes and sizes. From natural wood benches to upholstered benches designed to add comfort when you put your shoes on, the hallway is a place where design can be fluid – and each piece you select can be used to add life to an otherwise fairly overlooked space. Find your perfect storage bench across our range of furniture and homeware retailers, paying particularly attention to size and material finish.

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