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Storage Ottomans

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Storage Ottomans

Far from being segregated to one room in the house, storage ottomans on the modern market are made with a whole host of different materials and finishes; designed to match each space in the home and provide practical and stylish storage no matter what the need.

The fact is, storage ottomans used to be regarded as something which sat at the end of the bed and was created with an upholstered frame, designed to store extra bedding and cushions which would adorn the bed during the day and be put away at night. Nowadays however, ottomans are viewed as a super practical way of providing a mass of blank space for any room, free of confining units and shelves.

One of the most modern uses of storage ottomans is in fact in a utility room or porch space, adding a sense of style to these functional rooms and providing users with somewhere to stash extra shoes and outer wear without it all being on show or hung on hooks. These kinds of storage ottomans tend to be made from hardwood – a design choice which we are increasingly seeing in bedrooms as well as living spaces, creating a neat circle of development in the storage ottoman arena.

Why are storage ottomans so useful?

First thing’s first, anything which provides storage space is useful of its own accord; providing the user with some concealed space in which to store all manner of items – with the items often dependent on where the ottoman is. The beauty of an ottoman in particular is that they are often larger than the average cupboard and provide a really empty cavity of space.

And that’s not all. Perhaps the best thing about storage ottomans is that once they are closed up, they resemble any other item in the home and are rarely even noticeable as a storage solution. Those ottomans which are designed for the bedroom are often upholstered in an elegant fabric in a range of colours, adding luxury to the room and providing the user with somewhere to sit or lay out their clothes. More functional ottomans designed for living spaces tend to be made from wood or even metal, and yet once closed up they too look more like a design feature than a storage box, with the surfaces able to be used for display purposes or to provide a bench seat – easily transformed with the addition of a seating cushion or two.

Finding the right storage ottoman

Finding the right storage ottoman is a matter of knowing which space you way to place it in, how high you need your ottoman to be, what width it needs to be, and how much stuff you need to be able to store in it.

Of course, buyers need to remember that the measurements on the outside of the ottoman do not directly reflect the space they will have for storage, as both a padded upholstered exterior and a thick hardwood frame will take up a few centimetres with the construction alone, eating into the storage space that you will have to fill.

Understanding the height of your ideal ottoman is important to ensure that you will easily be able to open it all the way in its desired location, and we also recommend fitting soft close mechanisms to the edging to ensure that the ottoman cannot slam quickly down onto fingers – creating a potential hazard for homeowners.

Storage ottomans are available through most homeware furniture and accessory retailers, as well as department stores.

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