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Super King Mattresses

When it comes to creating grandeur and opulence in your bedroom, there is only so much that decorative accessories can do if the bed doesn’t fully embrace a grand setting. And one of the best ways to bring that luxury and opulence into the bedroom is with the biggest bed possible – the super king, and its accompanying mattress.

Whether you choose a super king mattress for comfort, for additional space and quality of sleep, or simply to fill a really luxurious and large bedroom in the best possible way, buyers can rest assured that the feeling you get every time you climb onto that mattress will be one of elegant glamour and luxury. And that’s before the beauty of sleeping on a super king size mattress really sinks in.

The benefits of a super king mattress

Arguably the best thing about a super king mattress is the fact that each sleeper gets to enjoy their own space without disturbing the other – meaning your quality of sleep is improved to provide you with a restful experience which is worth the investment. Super kings are particularly popular with those who are taller than average or who have larger body shapes, as it means they can enjoy the best comfort without the feeling of being in the enclosed space that smaller bed sizes provide.

Another benefit is the aesthetic value of a super king bed, especially when it is being used to dress a large bedroom. The fact is, the entire bedroom should be built around the presence and size of the bed – with other items of furniture merely supplementing the overall appearance of the bed itself. A super king bed and mattress commands presence – and as such, the mattress itself tends to be premium in quality so as to continue the quality of the experience.

Identifying a super king mattress

The first thing you will note about a super king mattress is that they tend to be quite bulky in their shape and size, due to the additional technologies that retailers add to optimise the experience and ensure that the buyer gets the best possible night’s sleep. The extra space means more space can be given to sleep motion mattresses and advanced layers designed to cushion and mould themselves to the contours of the body, with all manner of mattress varieties available in super king sizes. Even the lower quality rolled and boxed mattresses available in super king sizes are given additional prominence to ensure the mattress is boxed safely without impacting the shape of the filling or the even finish of the surface layer.
In terms of size, a super king size mattress measures as a square, with 6 foot total in terms of length and width. Finding the right bed frame for these mattresses is easy on the modern market, though we highly recommend taking care to select both a bed frame and mattress which can be constructed in the home – ideally with delivery which brings the mattress right into your chosen room to avoid potential problems with moving the large and heavy structure yourself.

You will likely find that the longevity of a super king mattress is much higher than a smaller model because your weight is able to move further and so is less concentrated in one small area every night – another benefit of the super king which makes it a real winner if you have the space to accommodate it.

For the best and grandest selection of super king mattresses, head to bed and mattress retailers, and department stores.

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