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Swing Arm & Reading Lights

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Swing Arm & Reading Lights

Whether you have a wealth of time to lose yourself in literature or your precious moments to absorb yourself in a book are few and far between, you will want the perfect level of light to allow you to read in comfort at any time of day. Some of us were not gifted with perfect eyesight to begin with which makes it even more important to have supportive, stylish lighting options for reading. Let alone the little bit more light we may need as time goes by. A light for reading should have a direct beam but avoid creating glare. Many reading lights have a cone-shaped shade which allows more light to be shed at the bottom edge than the top to make sure to keep glare under control. LED bulbs and their versatile design have made even more shapes and styles possible for reading lights and you can reduce glare with directional reading lights, wall-mounted lights and modern bulbs. Swing arm reading lights are a wall-mounted option that can save you space. They can be bracketed back to the wall when not in use but they swing forward to hover above your reading material or craftwork whenever you settle in with something to do. Many swing arm wall lights can be tilted, twisted or curved round as well as having one pivoting arm to move on. Some are curved with a curving arm and a dome-shaped lampshade where others are a more angular shape with a conical shade and a jointed arm fixing them to the wall. Swing arm reading lights are a great way to light your reading nook without taking up any extra space on your surfaces. Uplighter style reading lights are a popular floor lamp option for a reading lamp that has two uses. The larger light is an uplight further up the central support pole with light directed up towards the ceiling to diffuse back across the room. The smaller light comes off the main support pole at a lower level and can be angled or fixed pointing down towards your reading chair. You get the benefit of two lamps for only the floor space you would need for one and since the two lights often operate on separate switches, you have even more options to vary the level of light in the room. The most desirable option for many people is to create a wide illuminated area but with the majority of light focused on the area where you are reading. Modern bulbs with either translucent lamp shades or reflective lined shades are a good way to create the illumination you need but preserve a comfortable area with good ambient light and no strong shadowy contrasts. You could also go for a reading light that allows diffusion through a sanded glass, sea glass finish or milk glass lamp shade. These allow the diffusion of light upwards and on to nearby walls and surfaces while prioritising stronger light for one area. Desk-based reading lights are an easy installation accent that you can use as a decorative accent just as much as a light feature. Many of us use a reading light more on a desk than in an easy chair. If you work from home or need to work through your paperwork at various hours of the day or night. Tiffany reading lamps and the traditional adjustable anglepoise are both classic options for a desk reading lamp but from different ends of the design spectrum. Reading is one of life’s great pleasures, eye strain can be one of life’s great headaches. Make the most of one and dodge the other with a stylish reading light that will meet your design where it stands.

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