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Tab Top Curtains

In the curtain market filled with variation and different ideas, tab top curtain fall somewhere between eyelet curtains and slot top curtains – taking the idea of a seamless and interrupted use of curtain fabric from the slot top, and injecting it with the exposed loop of the eyelet curtain. The fact is, as modern homes rely more and more on neutral and minimalistic style, tab top curtains are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their reliance on the basic and seamless of use of the curtain material alone, without bringing in various other materials and reinforced solutions.

What is a tab top curtain?

The concept of a tab top curtain is one which uses small loops (or tabs) of curtain material, attached along the top of the curtain at intervals to create the structure into which the curtain pole can be fed. These tabs are typically attached at a distance of around 8 inches between each one, though this can be adjusted according to the size of your window and the finish that you want to create. In terms of the stylistic value and finish of tab top curtains, these are typically regarded as a little more informal than rail or slot top curtains, as the gaps in material along the top of the curtain mean that they allow light to flow up and around the curtain pole. Another thing which makes tab top curtains particularly popular with modern buyers is the fact that they use far less material than eyelet curtains, primarily because they do not rely on the deep folds of the eyelet but instead add texture through the straight hanging of the fabric.

Things to consider with tab top curtains

When it comes to hanging your tab top curtains, there are a number of things you can do to optimise both the user experience and the overall aesthetic of the curtains their window, namely around the way the tabs are hung. The first thing you need to look at is the depth and diameter of the tab loops and how this will translate in relation to the size of the pole and the height at which the pole is hung above the window. If the loops are too large and the top of the curtain ends up hanging below the very top of the window frame, the light will not be stopped, and you may find that your curtains ineffective. Another thing to consider is where you locate the loops along the pole, with one of our top recommendations being to hang the furthest outer loop on the outside of the curtain pole mount to hold it in place and ensure than in closing the curtains, you do not pull the entire width of fabric away from the edge of the window. By holding and securing the outer loop to the outside of the pole, you can create a seamless and easy range of movement of the curtains towards the centre or all the way across the window, without having to hold them still at one end. Buyers should also be aware that the lack of reinforcement in the tabs can render the fabric subject to wearing away more quickly, though if you care for and ensure proper maintenance, not tugging on the curtains but rather pulling them closed and open gently, you should find that the lifespan of your tab top curtains is adequate. For the best tab top curtains, head to curtain specialists and fabric retailers who can support and aid you in finding the right material and finish for you.

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