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Table & Floor Lamp Shades

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Table & Floor Lamp Shades

A lampshade, whether attached to a floor lamp or a table lamp, has the power to instantly change the look and feel of a room – both through its decorative appearance, and the way it alters the level of light in the room.

Traditionally, lamp shades have been used to dull the glare of light from a naked bulb, though over time this use has evolved as more and more retailers and creators indulged in coloured shades which not only dulled the glare but also altered the colour that the light appeared in. As an example, while a white lamp shade can create a clean industrial light, a red lampshade emits far more of a luxurious and warm glow – completely changing the atmosphere in the room.

What to look for in a table lampshade

The most likely use of a table lamp is to provide light for working or reading, or to supplement a main ceiling light during the evening. One thing we regularly get asked is how to use a table lamp as a decorative accessory rather than just a practical feature – and this is where lampshades come in. With so many retailers expanding their collections to include items which attract both traditional and modern buyers, the market is now filled with traditional style replicas, as well as more modern statement shades in all different colours.

You will find, particularly across the table lampshade market, that coloured shades are now diminishing in sales, with the rise of a contemporary and modern focus on neutral shades and clean finishes now dominating much of the market.

For large living spaces with minimalist furniture, consider using your table lampshade as a chance to bring in – if not colour – at least a little statement texture. Gone are the days of plain lampshades, with boxy designs, concertina patterning and different materials growing in popularity as retailers find new ways for lampshades to stand out even in a minimalist design.

And if you can’t find the perfect covered shade for you, consider the most innovative designs now available – including glass lampshades, cut out lampshades which project patterns onto the walls and surfaces, and tall lampshades which channel the direction of light upwards and create a really unique and interesting finish.

What to look for in a floor lampshade

In a move away from the small and portable table lamps which can be moved about as you please, floor lamps are far more permanent in that they create a statement piece of furniture which is noticed straight away – particularly if you opt for one of the statement designs now popular across modern homeware stores and lighting retailers.

As floor lamps are regarded as part of the main furniture base in a room, making sure that the lampshade fits in with the overall design of the room is key – whether it blends in or deliberately stands out. One way to dress a neutral or modern space is to use both the floor lampshade and any cushions as a way to add colour – ideally replicating the same colour scheme across all these decorative furnishings to create harmony and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Not only that, but with floor lamps having the power to bring together or add to your overall sense of décor, consider using the lampshade as a way of altering the vibe in your room – whether seasonally, or in line with changing trends and preferences. For the widest selection of lampshades available, head to furnishing retailers and homeware designers, or pick up inspiration from interior stylists who may have access to additional designs and ideas.

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