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Table Included Garden Benches

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Table Included Garden Benches

When it comes to using an outside space, whether it be small and cosy or large and expansive; your own private space or more of a community patch; you will likely find yourself looking for both suitable seating and ideal surfaces on which to place drinks, food and other necessary items.

When buyers think of garden benches with tables included, they tend to picture large picnic benches on expanses of open park ground, immediately rejecting the idea on the grounds that the structure is too large. However with modern retailers stocking all manner of structures, ranging from single chairs with built in tables, and much smaller picnic bench concepts which group a series of chairs around a smaller table surface, there really is a garden bench with table included out there for every kind of buyer and every kind of home.

The best designs of garden bench with a table included

The idea of including a table in the design and construction of a garden bench can not only provide a great space saving solution but can also be super functional when it comes to gatherings and parties, as well as family dinners. And the best thing about the modern market is that these structures no longer have to include the table at the centre of the design.

If you are looking for a bench and table for a smaller space, for example a balcony, allotment or simply a small garden, some of the best options include two arm chairs with a table slotted into the centre, and single chairs with small tables which can be adjusted and moved to sit in front of or to the side of the chair. Similarly, there are now regular wooden park benches with built-in tables available, allowing the buyer to invest in a standard and aesthetically pleasing bench structure which has the added benefit of a small table surface in the centre of the bench for the practical use or one or two users.

Another popular design we love takes the original concept of a picnic bench and elevates it to something a little more welcoming and homely, simply by altering the shape of the table to a circle and readjusting the benches into curves which hug the edge of the table surface and create a more connected overall feel.

Things to consider when you look for a garden bench with a table included

First and foremost, you need to consider the size of the bench structure with its built-in table – ascertaining whether or not it will fit into the space you have available, and whether it will allow enough space around the outside of the bench for people to move around it.
Another consideration to make is in the construction itself, with removable tables making ideal choices for homeowners with slightly smaller gardens and outdoor spaces – as they can be adjusted in line with the number of guests around, and can be taken apart once the season changes and you choose to bring your bench inside for storage.

Finally, take the time to consider the ideal material for your table – both so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions, and so that it matches your outside aesthetic and looks good among your plant life and other accessories and furnishings.

The best selection of garden benches with solid structure tables and removable tables can be found in garden centres, department stores, and DIY retailers, as well as specialist wood crafters and furniture providers.

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