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Thermal Curtains

Operating in much the same way as blackout curtains, thermal curtains prove beyond reason that curtains can be both functional and stylish; creating perfect framing solutions for windows with a little added benefit in the way of that warming layer to keep your home and various rooms in the home warm. One of the main questions we get asked by homeowners as winter approaches is how they can inject warmth and a cosy atmosphere into the home without constantly turning to the heating and fire grates. Thermal curtains provide the perfect solution as they can be as decorative and atmospheric as you like, while still ensuring that all the windows in a room are covered by a thick layer of insulating fabric.

How do thermal curtains work?

We often hear homeowners commenting on thermal curtains and blackout curtains, concerned about how the thickness of the fabric will inhibit on the clean lines of their home décor – particularly in a modern home which is streamlined in its appearance and finish. For the most part, however, thermal curtains are designed from a standard thickness of fabric, employing the use of a secondary hidden layer which sits closer to the window and provides the effective barrier between the room and the chill from the window. As such, the outer layer which is on display appears much like a normal curtain, with many homeowners choosing to stitch the sides of the inner layer to the main curtain in order to prevent any parts of the inner layer being on show.

What are the benefits of thermal curtains?

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the room warmer, the effects of thermal curtains boast a handful of other benefits which homeowners herald when they talk about their new and improved window curtains. For one thing, thermal curtains act in much the same way as blackout curtains – and so one of their major benefits is that they block out light and stop the sun from shining through the fabric and into the room especially in the early hours of the summer months. This is particularly ideal for children’s rooms when you want them to go to sleep early but when it’s still light outside, and for those who find themselves struggling to sleep in the wake of sunlight. Another benefit is the way that thermal curtains are also an effective barrier against unwanted sound, creating a sort of cocoon in their main room which benefits from a lack of outside sound filtering through and disturbing the users. All of these benefits mean that, ultimately, thermal curtains save you money – not just on your heating bill but also on extra layers to keep light out from your windows, and on noise cancelling ear plugs which you may find yourself reaching for when trying to sleep in a home located next to a busy road. And finally, to the vast array of thermal curtains which are now available across the modern market thanks to the vast spike in demand as more and more homeowners realise the value of bringing thermal curtains into their homes. With so many homeware and designer soft furnishing retailers now expanding their collections into thermal and blackout curtains as well as standard curtains, there really is an option available for every home – whether you are looking for cool neutrals, block colours which exude vibrance and life, or decorative and intricate patterns which add life and texture to the window and curtains.

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