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Toddler beds

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Toddler beds

When your toddler is first told they will be moving into a proper bed, the excitement is rife – all through the household. Saying goodbye to the old nursery and hello to a grown up bed is a momentous occasion in the life of a child, and for the parents means that their baby is growing up – away from the confines of a cot and towards the independence of their very own bed.

Finding the perfect toddler bed is a delicate combination of meeting the dreams of your child, and being realistic according to the space available and other practical considerations such as safety and ease of use. While some of our members purchase different beds for each stage of the child’s development, others enter the toddler bed phase with a goal of purchasing something that will last well into the child’s life.

Finding the right bed to match their dreams and the needs of the home

The bed frame is something that you will be buying to withstand the test of time – to see you through the bed bouncing phase, the inevitable growing of your child, and the development of their different preferences and phases. Toddler beds tend to be smaller sized single beds, though for those on a budget a standard single bed will provide a frame for them to grow into – though we do recommend placing thick carpeting or a rug under a standard bed, which sits a little higher off the ground, to keep your child safe in case they roll of the edge.

Midi-beds are another super popular choice for toddlers and young children and can actually be a really good space saver as they open up the space below the bed for playtime and toy storage – perfect for limited space, or if your toddler and their new bed are moving in with siblings. A midi bed is also a real imagination-booster for young children, with the added height letting their minds run wild with dreams of space, flying and tall castles.

Turning a regular toddler bed into their very own dreamscape

For those members purchasing a standard toddler bed, you may be interested in other ways to transform the regular bed frame into a land of your child’s dreams and imagination – with both DIY and retail add-ons available to make this happen.

The bedding you choose and the backdrop you provide for the bed are both excellent and distinctly easy ways to dress a standard bed up in any style you like – and are also removable and easy to change when your child’s tastes change.

For car lovers and would-be racers, a rug which resembles a car track is the perfect way to turn a bed frame into a race car, while the wall behind can easily be painted to resemble the inside of a race car – or the track and the finish line. For the perfect princess, turn a standard bed into their very own castle with plenty of fluffy cushions, their favourite princess characters decorating the walls, and a chandelier lighting up the room from the ceiling.

Where to buy the best toddler beds

Bed retailers tend to offer the widest selection of beds for all needs and all ages, and also regularly open showrooms which give you the chance to walk around and see the beds fully assembled – paired with suggested bedding ideas and mattresses. Alternatively, large department store warehouse retailers also offer a great selection of beds for all ages, or you can head online and seek out those selling toddler beds second hand, which may have been outgrown by members of their own family.

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